Rising Demand for Data Analytics Professionals in India

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, and Blockchain are disruptive and carry the potential to change the way businesses operate. These technologies are no more nice-to-have, they have become a necessity for companies that are willing to stay competitive in the future. Data Analytics too has taken over the market and is one of the most promising career fields. 

The Data Analytics market has seen significant growth in India. Advanced analytics is not only being adopted by leading Indian companies but small companies are also shaping their business performance through it. The Analytics, Data Science and Big Data market size in India reached $3.03 billion in 2019 and it is expected to double by 2025, as per a study by Aim & Praxis Business School. 

Consecutively, companies are looking for professionals skilled in Data Analytics and are ready to pay higher salaries. Bain & Company recently highlighted in its report ‘The Indian Equation for Advanced Analytics Talent’ that the Indian Advanced Analytics talent pool which was 65,000 in 2018 will reach 2,00,000 by 2020 – in just two years. The domestic IT companies are leading the analytics ecosystem in India – companies like Tech Mahindra, TCS, Genpact, Wipro, and HCL Infosystems form 35 percent of the analytics outsourcing market. As such, the demand for data analytics courses in India is also rising.

Let us understand why professionals are ready to start a career in data analytics and how can a data analyst course help you in upskilling yourself. 

Why are Professionals Taking up Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is one of the fastest-growing domains and has gained the attention of professionals across the world. Here are some of the reasons why people wish to gain expertise in it.

Huge Demand

As mentioned earlier, there is a growing demand for skilled data analysts not only in India but globally. As reported by Forbes, IBM has predicted that there will be 2,720,000 job openings for data professionals in the US alone. The demand for even entry-level professionals is as high as 700,000 openings, with MapReduce, Apache Pig, Machine Learning, Apache Hive, and Apache Hadoop as the most in-demand skills in this field. India is also not behind; it is the second-biggest analytics jobs hub after the US, with the number of job positions reported to be more than 97,000. 

Jobs aren’t limited to just the IT sector

Data Analytics professionals are required in almost every industry and not only in the Information Technology sector. Sectors like manufacturing, retail, law enforcement, banking and finance, and healthcare require skilled data analysts. As per a report – The Quant Crunch: How The Demand For Data Science Skills Is Disrupting The Job Market, 59 percent of all Data Science and Analytics job demand is in Finance and Insurance, professional services, and IT.   

Become Future Ready

As reported by Economic Times, India’s data consumption is expected to grow at a growth rate of 72.6 percent to 10,96,58,793 million MB by 2022. This is attributed to the lower than ever data tariffs and growing smartphone penetration in India. With such massive data generation, companies will be in need of professionals who can find patterns and trends, build models, predict, forecast and interpret the results from such data. As Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies would continue their penetration in the market, it is wise to upskill oneself and stay-up-date in today’s fast-changing labor market.

A challenging career option

Job monotony is one of the reasons that affect the productivity of employees. So, people willing to switch their career domains can definitely consider a career in data analytics. As data science is still evolving, working in a data analytics job role could be quite challenging. It is a vast field composed of several disciplines, and so requires continuous learning and adding new knowledge. Such a great long-term personal development strategy would surely pay off.    

Take Up a Data Analyst Course

Now that you know why a career in data analytics is fruitful, you must think of how to gain the skills that employers look for while hiring a data analyst professional. Often, professionals who have a really hectic schedule may find it inconvenient to take a full-time university course related to data analytics. The solution that most professionals prefer is to take up an online course which facilitates them to complete the course at their own pace at any time and any location. Enrolling in an inline course not only saves the time researching for the study materials but also provides step-by-step guidance on all the concepts of data analytics. You can gain expertise in analytics tools and techniques, SQL databases, Python programming, data visualization, predictive analysis and more through a reliable data analytics training course. So, think about how this career aligns with your interests and prepare yourself to fill the huge talent gap that still exists in data analytics.  

Image Credits: Google Images