Feeling A Little “Low”? Head To These Places To Uplift Your MOOD!


Sounds familiar, eh?

This is the story of our lives. Stress is a part and parcel of our lives these days. Some days, it motivates us to do better while other days it mellows us down to the level that we just wanna be left alone. Infact, this year is all about fighting depression and talking about it.

We all have our own coping mechanisms when this disease called “stress” attacks us. It tries to make us weak and vulnerable but we all have a system to fight against it.

So, we asked Chandigarhians, what do they do when they are Stressed or in other words “feeling low”?


Do I need to say anymore?

This is by far the topmost choice of every Chandigarhian out there. To us, Sukhna Lake is like a healer, a shrink in disguise. We all have been there, walking observing things and when we return we are just alright.



Sounds kiddish?

It does.

But that fully filled ice cream cone studded with a “crunchy” is all you need sometimes. This classic Sec-17 shop located in the happening location of “The Plaza” serves the dual purpose of providing sympathy along with curbing our never-ending hunger.



For those who feel a little relieved when they are close to the nature, this is the place to be. There are so many trees to support you and won’t judge you. This place is like an “introvert’s powerhouse”.



We Chandigarhians have a special place in our hearts for our “Cars”, “Bullets”, “Activa” and every time we are sad they turn out to be best companions. A long drive can fix you in a way nothing else can.



“Stressed” is “Desserts” spelled backwards! Isn’t it?

Head over to Ovenfresh, Sec-35 for that mouthwatering “Brownie Sizzler” to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. It sure will stimulate you to your happy phase very soon.


So now we know where to go when our crappy bosses scold us for no apparent reasons, or we have a fight with our friend or better halves, or just have a bad day in general.

Do tell us what else do you like to do Chandigarh! 



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  1. Delhi definitely needs some places like these, especially the first one- so soothing. Thankyou for this 🙂
    Great expression of words

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