Rejoice Chandigarh! Your Electricity Bills Will Fall From November 1

Winters are here and we still grapple with the tension of high electricity bills even when ACs have been shut down. 

But not anymore. 

Bringing relief to Chandigarhians, UT power department has slashed the fuel price and power purchase adjustment charges (FPPCA) for the second quarter, i.e November 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018. 

The rates of FPPCA is the difference between per unit actual cost of power purchase and per unit approved cost of power purchase.

Changed rates effective from November 1

In Domestic Category

Unit Consumption Tariff rates reduced by
0-150 5 p
151-400 10 p
400 + 10 p


In Commercial category

Unit Consumption Tariff rates reduced by
0-150 10 p
151-400 11 p
400 + 23 p


However, Chandigarh residents are not happy with the reduction rates. Federation of Sector Welfare Associations of Chandigarh Chairman Baljinder Singh Bittu said the department should have reduced the rates more and it was just an eyewash.

Source: The Indian Express

Image Source: Google Images

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