Traders To Hold 1-Hr Blackout In Sec-17 Today. Know Why

Sector-17 has lost the sheen it once had. Previously, it was one of the few centres of attraction in Chandigarh. Be it your evening excursion or a night-out, Sector – 17 was where one headed to. With the shimmery water spraying from the fountain, special light effects and light music, it was pure heaven for trevellers. Everybody who is or has been a part of Chandigarh certainly has some nostalgic memories of Sector – 17.

Now it lies neglected. There is not much hubbub there. The major reason for this has been the urbanization of the city and the launch of various world class malls all across the tricity. Another reason, as put forward by the Joint Action Committee of the traders of Sec-17, is the existence of vendors in the area. The committee feels the vendors have ruined the market.

On Tuesday evening, traders will observe a blackout from 6 pm to 7 pm. Candles will be lighted in front of the shops.

Neeraj Bajaj, the Chairman of the Sector 17 Traders committee has stated that this step was important for the welfare of Sector 17 and the traders as well.

The committee of traders have already begun a peaceful protest by placing tables and setting stalls in front of their shops. This is the plan for the first phase of their agitation.

How Will This Agitation Affect The People Of Chandigarh? 

Even today Sector – 17 holds a special place in Chandigarhians’ hearts. A step like this would certainly affect the junta of Chandigarh by –

♦ Agitation or not, this issue will certainly put the plight of traders in front of the public.

♦ It will replete the business for the given time duration. Hope it does not affect revenue generated for that day.

♦ It will impact the common public the most. As winter is approaching fast and with the days being shorter, 6 pm – 7 pm is the ideal shopping time for friends. Most of the shoppers would either return or not visit Sector – 17 for that day.

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Source: The Tribune

Image Source: Google Images