PU Students, You Know Your University Well? Answer These Questions

Every student of Panjab University takes pride in the very fact, and studying at PU is in itself a distinction!. In fact, alumni of the university proudly flaunt PU as their alma mater.

However, no matter how much you claim to be in love with the university, we bet you don’t know it all! We have a test for you.

It’s time to prove your love for the university. Let’s start!!

Q1.  Spell PU. Comm’on!


Ans. ‘Panjab University’, and not ‘Punjab University’

Well, did you know that? We bet you didn’t. The ‘Punjab’ in University is spelled ‘Panjab’, while the state is spelled ‘Punjab’. Why so? The answer lies in further questions!


Q2. How old is the University? 


Ans. Established in 1882 as the University of Punjab at Lahore. (Now calculate yourself!)

How many thought it was 1947?

No matter how modern the university’s outlook has been, the origins of Panjab University date back to the pre-independence era, making older than most of the institutions of modern India. The university was established in 1882, as the University of Punjab at Lahore. It was only after the partition of India, that the campus was relocated to the new city of Chandigarh, and the name changed to ‘Panjab’.

Q 3. Who is the Chancellor of the University?

Ans. Sh. M. Hamid Ansari, the Vice-President of India. No, we were not asking for the Vice- Chancellor.

The Vice President of India serves as the Chancellor of Panjab University. Currently, Sh. M. Hamid Ansari is the Vice President (just in case you don’t know!). This has been enshrined in the act through which the university has been established. Vice-Chancellor is the administrative head, while Chancellor serves as the nominal head.

Q 4. Is PU a State or Central University?



Ans. None. PU is a unique concord, an inter-state body between the state of Punjab and UT Chandigarh.

Most universities in India are either Central Universities, State Universities, or ‘deemed’ universities. But Panjab University is neither of them! In 1947, Panjab University was set-up as an inter-state body, with Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal being equal partners. After the reorganization of Punjab in 1966, PU has been functioning as an inter-state body between Punjab and Chandigarh. This makes PU a special case, which often leads to troubles, but that’s a separate matter altogether.

Q 5. How many teaching departments does PU have? 


Ans. A lot of them, of course. 78, to be precise.

Police Administration, Public Health, Defence Studies, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Urdu, and Geology……no matter how offbeat a subject of study may be, there’s actually a dedicated center for the study and research of that subject. The university boasts of 78 different teaching departments and research centers, cutting across the horizons of science, humanities, languages and professional education.

There was also a time when certain subjects were available only at the Panjab University, and students from far corners of the country used to come here to study. 

Q 6. What is the number of students studying at PU?

Ans. A whopping 15,000 on Campus and 250,000+ including affiliated colleges.

Believe. That’s true. Ours is a massive university.


Q 7. Who has designed the Campus that you (and we) are in love with?

Panjab University

Ans. Pierre Jeanneret. No, Le Corbusier is the wrong answer!


The beautiful Campus of Panjab University has been designed by the Swiss Architect Pierre Jeanneret, who was the cousin of the city planner Le Corbusier. The Gandhi Bhawan, A.C. Joshi Library, Admin Block, Fine Arts Museum and the iconic cylindrical building of the Student Centre – each of these buildings lend a unique character to the beautiful architecture of the campus. And we can’t stop admiring it!

Q 8. Name 5 illustrious alumni of Panjab University.


  1.  Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

  2.  Astronaut Kalpana Chawla

  3. MEA Ms. Sushma Swaraj

  4. Nobel Laurate Dr. Hargobind Khurana

  5. Telecom Tycoon Sunil Bharti Mittal

  6. & many more……

The names that adore the alumni fraternity of an institution actually reflect its stature and repute. Panjab University, over the years, has produced so many illustrious alumni, politicians, scientists, artists and administrators.


So? What is your score out of 8? Tell us in comments!