Here’s Why Boarding Schools Give Your Child an Edge

Education is widely said to be what sets the foundation not just for a fruitful and fulfilling professional life, but for all-round personal development as well. There is tremendous truth in the adage ‘knowledge is power’ and there is no doubt that education is indeed a stepping stone to success.

It is no surprise that education is highly valued across cultures, and parents place great emphasis on giving their children the best possible education so that they are duly equipped to take on the world.

Boarding schools have been in existence since centuries and can be seen in many parts of the world today. India is home to a large number of prestigious boarding schools, many of which are located in picturesque locations such as Mussoorie, Dehradun and Ooty. Even if you were to think of a boarding school in West Bengal, the choices are plenty. These schools are widely respected because of the way they provide a holistic and comprehensive education to children, preparing them for adult life.

The Association of Boarding Schools conducted extensive research and discovered that children who attended a boarding school tend to perform better in university as well as in their professional careers. Boarding schools provide a shared environment for children to interact with their peers from vastly different backgrounds and cultures that extends far beyond the classroom. For children, being in a shared environment, studying and living together helps them get a better understanding of society. It also helps them respect and appreciate social and cultural diversity.

A boarding school education provides a complete experience that is not limited to theoretical bookish knowledge since children adapt to a lifestyle away from their families. This form of education helps in the overall growth and development of children in ways that regular day schools do not. Boarding schools inculcate a sense of responsibility and propriety in students. Such an environment offered by boarding schools fosters the habit of being disciplined as well as self sufficient.

Admitting your child into a boarding school has several effects that are beneficial to your child. In this blog, we explore some of them. A boarding school education for your child will help them in the following ways:

  1. Developing social skills and etiquette

Being in an environment where children of diverse backgrounds reside, study and play together helps them get a better understanding of how to behave while interacting with other people. Boarding schools also teach children the importance of manners and etiquette as well as the development of social skills through practical experience communicating with people who have contrasting opinions and ideas.

  • Encouraging communication and collaboration

In view of the social setting that boarding schools provide, children learn to communicate better and understand the value of teamwork and cooperation. Group activities help children understand how working together towards a common goal benefits everyone and creates mutual trust and respect.

  • Creating social awareness

A boarding school environment helps to make children more aware of the society as well as their role in it. Being with children from different backgrounds and cultural experiences helps them develop a balanced and empathetic worldview, encouraging and guiding them to make the world a better place for everyone.

  • Teaching time management

Being away from home, children will learn to manage their time responsibly and effectively as they will have to discipline themselves in the absence of reminders from parents to do the things they need to do, such as complete assignments and homework on time, being punctual for class and having healthy sleeping and waking times. Boarding schools help children learn how to prioritise activities and manage their time properly.

  • Teaching budgeting

Living away from home and their families means children are compelled to understand and appreciate the importance of spending their money wisely. They also get to put this skill into practice when buying things for themselves, making them aware of the difference between a necessity and a luxury, as well as how to be responsible with their finances.

  • Promoting leadership skills

A boarding school environment is highly conducive to the development of leadership skills. This is because children are often forced to go beyond their comfort zone and take an initiative to achieve a certain goal, which, in turn, helps in the development of crucial skills such as resourcefulness, innovation and accountability. 

  • Building self confidence and self sufficiency

When children live and study in a boarding school, they adapt to a lifestyle away from their families and especially their parents to look after them. Children learn to become independent and self sufficient, which in turn helps make them into responsible young adults.

  • Creating long lasting relationships

Having been part of a shared experience for a significantly long period of time leaves children with rich memories. This also makes them more empathetic and broadminded, helping in the formation of deep and meaningful friendships that remain strong well into the future. Additionally, it helps children have a more diverse group of friends later on in life.

  • Helping adapt more easily to university and professional life

As mentioned previously, being in an environment away from their families helps children become independent, responsible and self sufficient. This provides them with a realistic scenario of how the outside world will be like once they join university to pursue higher education and in their professional careers. It also helps children understand the community to which they belong and will be playing an active role in.

  1. Facilitating all-round development

Boarding schools are a holistic and comprehensive experience for children, which provide them ample scope to learn their subjects but also develop social and practical skills that will hold them in good stead later on in life. A boarding school focuses on instilling values and equipping them with the right mindset in addition to imparting knowledge in the classroom, helping in all-round growth and development in children.

The above are just some of the various benefits your child will receive from a boarding school education. Such an education will rightly equip them with all the necessary skills and abilities to make an impact in the world around them. Boarding schools are hailed for their excellence in teaching as well as the high standards of facilities and variety of extracurricular activities offered. Whether you are looking for an ICSE boarding school in Darjeeling or a CBSE residential school in Siliguri, or in any other city in India, there is sure to be a boarding school that is perfectly suited to your requirements and advantageous for your child.