8 Things That Show Punjabi Cinema is Pro At Its Work

Aakhiyan nu akhiya ch rehn De…… remember this?

This one of the songs that was on the top of everybody’s playlist. Now that we have many movies in town, but no movie has that effect which a Punjabi Movie has. Be it Jatt and Juliet or Sargi, every movie has an X Factor about it.

So, here we go listing out few things that Punjabi Cinema is mastering at.

Le’ts have a dig at it. (Excited)

Family movies: All of them


All movies we watch are of perfect content. There is no vulgarity in the movies and at the same time, they are also fun to watch. Each movie is consistent in its content and you actually get to watch something substantial that you can keep in your mind throughout and can laugh at.

Entertaining, Entertaining and only Entertaining


This is a pro. Punjabi movies are entertaining, entertaining and only entertaining. Each scene of the movie has some kind of entertainment in it. Be it the script, or the dialogues or a song or characterization of the plot. You will never be bored after watching such a movie which has all the aspects in it all genres combined into one show which actually kills everything. Phew! All-rounder.

You’ll die laughing

Yes, yes, yes this really happens the jokes that the characters crack in the movies are so genuine and so raw that you’ll die laughing on. Punjabi movies are just laughter riot!

 In every sequence there is always a fun packed and you can’t do anything except laughing while watching these movies. Also, they master an art of capturing your interest and you won’t divert your attention or take your eyes off from the movie. Ahhh!

Attention seeker


Now here Punjabi movies are a pro at this one. They constantly hold your attention and each scene involves you so much into the movie that you wouldn’t yourself take your eyes off. Though the movies have a simple plot but their screenplay is such that you wouldn’t want to miss any glimpse of it.

Novel Lessons that each movie gives


So this is one of the lesser known things about Punjabi Movies. They have salient lessons that can be taught by the powerful means of the movie. The messages are simple, about familial bonds, friendships or GK. What’s habda, by the way? 

Simple and Sweet with a Major Thought


The story is simple and lucid. The plot is simple as well. Still the Punjabi movies grab your attention in such a way that you’re engrossed in the turn of the events and the movie actually ends without disappointing you and you won’t consider it as a waste of time and money, each movie is worth it.

Small Investment, High Returns: Great Business?

Carry On Jatta 2012 DVDRip punjabi movie

Yes, this is a fact. Punjabi movies often demands less investment and gives you high return. These movies are often low budgeted but they are so successful that the investment is recovered and buffer is created as well. Well that really helps and you can actually make something out of it.

Too Much Punjabi 


Whatever be the central theme of the story, each and every story has a desi rooted aspect about it. The Punjabi culture is shown so strongly that we take pride in calling ourselves Punjabi and associating ourselves with it. Punjabi diaspora around the world feels connected to their land and it’s the greatest achievement!

And here I would say that don’t ever miss any chance of watching a Punjabi movie because they are actually Paisa Vasool movie.

Punjabi movies are becoming a pro at many things so just watch your favorite actor and laugh out loud.



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