For Improving Academics, PSEB Snubs Grace Marks Directive

PSEB will not be awarding grace marks any more to class X and XII students . It has taken such a bold step in order to turn out students who are fit for competitive exams.

Last year Punjab and Haryana high court had issued a notice to PSEB regarding this issue. This was done in response to petition filed by advocate H C Arora who had pointed out that PSEB had inflated results.

He had requested the court to invalidate the rule of granting one percent marks under the grace marks policy.

Reports submitted by H C Arora state that 64,748 ore had passed out in 2015 and 62,482 extra students had passed out in 2016, because of this policy. Only those students who had scored a zero were not awarded grace marks.

Already, PSEB’s moderation policy had raised many eyebrows.

Marks Awarded To Save Face

PSEB’s Chairman saw that the class X pass percentage was quite low in 2016 (53%) as compared to previous years (65% in 2015 and 75% in 2014). As much as 27 marks were awarded to students who were failing in one or more subjects.

Four marks were awarded to students in English and Social Studies. This raised the pass percentage from 53% to 72%.

(News Source: Times of India)