Ditch Shimla..! Head to RAJGARH for All the Obvious Reasons

We are all travelling, constantly, from birth till we die. Life is nothing but a journey. We may be living a super busy, hectic and a crappy life but every once in a while we all need a vacation. It is what that makes us alive, keeps us sane, mends us.

Shimla has always been a second home to every Chandigarhian. Come any holiday, weekend, or just a day off, the whole Chandigarh is on the hills. And, you can imagine the blocked roads and overstuffed Mall Road and Ridge in Shimla.

Well, I thought of exploring some new place this time, for a change!


This became my chosen destination. Reasons?

  1. Adrenaline Rush
  2. Satisfying Wanderlust
  3. Closer to pristine natural beauty
  4. Fairly less explored
  5. Comparatively cleaner
  6. The authentic himachali feel that too much closer to Chandigarh

Let me take you along.

Destination: Rajgarh

Location: Solan Distt. Himachal Pradesh

Distance: 110 km


Time of Departure: We started at 2:30 in the afternoon.

(Bad idea: hot, hot, hot drive )  

Recommendation: Start during the morning hours.

Pit-stop : Yashwantnagar Valley

The most serene and calm place I have ever come across! That loudly flowing river, with a breathtaking view of the mountains & a herd of sheep is what brought us closer to the nature as well as ourselves.

Yashwantnagar Valley


Final destination: “Churwadhar Camping Site”

Just 5 km from Rajgarh, Himachal Pradesh, the total distance from Chandigarh is about what it takes to Shimla (approx. 110 km) & acts as a transit point to Churdhar. It took us nearly 5.5 hours to reach the site.

The roads were great except that 5 km stretch from Rajgarh.

Recommendation: Drive during the day.


Our base camp was set up at the “Churwadhar Camping site” and we got it everything planned before hand, thanks to online portal, churwadharcamping.com  

This little cozy resort offers different types of accommodation such as well-furnished rooms, tents and pretty cottages which tends to the liking of all.

High Point of Day 1:

What I liked the most was that enormous, never ending, clear sky and the full moon night which left us star-gazing for hours.

breathtaking view of the churdhar valley from the resort.
Breathtaking view of the churdhar valley from the resort.


Early morning Sunrise:

This place has the most alluring view amidst the fields of garlic. One can see the perfect rising sun from between those snow-covered mountains.


The trek:

The Churdhar peak was our final point which can be reached via various treks like Nauradhar Trek, Habban Valley Trek, but the one we took was the least famous but the most fascinating of all known as “the Gaba trek”. As we walked higher, our strength was put to the test by rocky terrain and snow covered paths. SNOW, a good place to have a snowball fight and a mandatory SNOWMAN. So, a lot of stuff was ticked from my bucket list during the trek.

Snow covered mountain top.

The Waterfall:

All of us, desperate to dissolve all our worries into the water did not waste a minute to jump into that freezing water coming down from that waterfall.


The famous “nauradhar” waterfall.

All tired and wasted, we came back to our homely resort to spend the last night of this unforgettable journey.

The Churdhar Temple:

On our way back from the temple, we visited this small but religious hindu temple which according to the legend is supposed to protect you if you pray here.


High Point of Day 2 

Sunrise, trek, adventure sports, waterfall. 


Back to Chandigarh

It was a short two day trip, but we came rejuvenated, replenished with serene beauty we live admist, and some body ache too, thanks to arduous trek. 

Highly recommended place if you’re looking for a weekend getaway too.

Total Expenditure:

  • Rs. 2000/- for the two night stay including all three meals.
  • Rs. 1000/- for travelling and other miscellaneous expenses.

Food: Home-cooked meals three times a day with top class hospitality and warmth. (The guy truly knows what “Athithi Devo Bhava” is!)

Best Part: Our resort guy was also our travel guide who gave us first hand account of the place and surroundings.

For your bookings at Rajgarh, visit http://www.churwadharcamping.com

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  1. hi.. what an amazing post! can u tell me the place where u took the photograph of the river flowing in yashwant nagar?

    • Hey! On our way, we randomly climbed down the hills to find this beautiful river flowing near Yashwantnagar. We found this place out of nowhere. 🙂