Let’s Get Ready Head to Toe in Less than Rs. 2000

Brand freak? Don’t be.

When you such amazing shops to shop till you drop, why care about brand or cash?

Well now, let me take you on a trip around some pocket-friendly shopping places in Chandigarh.

Ok, let’s begin the fun round!

The ever effervescent Shastri Market in Sector 22


Would you like to surf through affordable clothing, jewellery, shoes, handbags and what not?

Then, Shastri Market, Sector 22 is the place to be. It is centrally located and easy to reach. The market is open for all days from 10’o clock in morning till 10’o clock in evening. Though crowded, but it’s every middle class person’s dream destination when it comes to saving the pocket. It has a huge variety and almost everything to offer. And, it’s all available at affordable prices. After a day’s long shopping spree you can also gorge on some bhelpuri there!


How about the buzzing Sadar Bazaar in Sector 19?



Let’s now walk on to the Sadar Bazaar in Sector 19. It is the cheapest market in the town and has a really good collection of all kinds of stuff. It is popularly known as sector 19-C Rehri Market. If you have the patience to walk through the lanes of Rehri Market, it is the place for picking up almost anything under the sun at a bargain. There are a number of eating joints as well. So, don’t forget the GolGappas here! You can shop here from 9’o clock in morning till 9’o clock in evening.

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Have you heard about Patel Market in Sector 15?


If you are young or enjoy young company, this is the place to be. It’s located opposite to Punjab University and is hub of all the student activity. The Sector 15 is popular for all types of student accommodation. So, this market is a popular place among students to shop for clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags etcetera. Though it’s a less popular place for shopping among adults of the city but you can definitely enjoy some Momos there.

There is another one called Krishna Market in Sector 41


Krishna Market in Sector 41 is another place that you can add to your shopping list. A lot of things are available here at very fine prices. Unlike Patel Market, this market is for youngsters as well for families. You can find unique stuff here for sure.


I’m pretty sure after wandering through so many markets, you must be feeling bewildered. Don’t worry, just cruise through all these shopping markets and all you need is little cash!


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