Chandigarh To Tag Trees and Start Nature Walks For Protecting City’s Flora  

Chandigarh is all set to protect its trees by initiating a new method for preservation. The forest department is going to tag trees in the city and start heritage tours and nature walks.

Chandigarh has always been labeled as the City Beautiful. A part of this nomenclature is based on the beauty lent by its green cover and vegetation.

Forest department has strategized this conservation measure on basis of the report submitted by Yuvsatta and Chandigarh Tree Lovers – two volunteer organizations who care for the environment of the city.

What Steps Will Be Undertaken For Tree Conservation?

  • Trees will be given a unique number and location tag,
  • Signs will be installed near each tree. These will include history and specifications to educate people,
  • Tourism department will organize nature walks and heritage tours,
  • Installation of swings has been proposed by the volunteer organizations,

Yuvsatta and Chandigarh Tree Lovers have identified 31 heritage trees over the period of two months. All details including the story and significance of each heritage tree have been mentioned in the report. Every five years, the list of trees with utmost significance will be updated.

Yuvsatta co-ordinator Pramod Sharma said, “Indian culture holds trees as sacred, while our forests also have tree wealth that provides us with food, fodder, and medicine, so it becomes our duty to maintain them.”

He further added,” This project was taken up to conserve the heritage trees and educate the community about the importance of protecting our tree wealth.”

(News Source: Times Of India)