134 Kms Water At 14,256 Ft Above Sea Level: Save This Place For Its Crystal Clear Water

What’s So Amazing

Soak up in the sun, sit to hear the sound of the lake or just take a dip, Pangong Lake offers a true scenic beauty. Fascinating as it is, Pangong Lake beautifies the barren land of Ladakh. A much loved destination for travel freaks, enthusiastic trekkers and photographers, visiting the Pangong Lake is a divine experience. It offers avid travelers a place to find solace. Known for its interesting typography, the lake is an open stark beauty of a vast stretch of mountains.


Also known as the Hollow Lake, it is a true wonder of nature. It is an endorheic lake in the Himalayas. Located 154 kilometers southeast of Leh, Pangong Tso is one of the largest brackish lakes in Asia. It is a 134 kilometer narrow strip of water stretching from eastern Ladakh to Tibet, where tourists require an Inner Line Permit to visit. Nestled at an altitude of 14,256 feet above sea level, it freezes completely during winters. About 1/4th of the lake lies in India and the rest 60 per cent flows into the Tibet region of China. Currently, it is in the process of being identified as an internationally acclaimed wetland under the Ramsar Convention.

The crystal clear brackish waters of Pangong Lake play with sunlight to change its colour in many shades of blue and green. The real beauty of this lake lies in its azure blue & tranquil waters that allure tourists from all around. One can witness exceptional views from Pangong Lake, which is the remotest corner of Ladakh.

This lake is a haven for bird watchers. It is a breeding point for several migratory birds such as Bar Headed Goose and Brahmini Ducks. They are commonly seen here in summers. Kiang and Marmot are few species of wildlife found here. The saltwater of this lake has sparse vegetation and is bereft of any aquatic life except for small crustaceans.

How To Reach

You’ll have to drive by road five hours from Leh to Pangong. The roads are coarse. But, once you reach your destination, the Pangong Lake, the site is worth the dramatic mountain ride. There exists a public bus service from Leh to drop off visitors at the Spangmik village for accommodation. It is located at around 7 kilometers, along the southern shores, from Pangong area.

Where To Stay

Tourists can get basic accommodation and food at Spangmik.


Summer- March till May: 8 – 21 degree Celsius

Rainfall- July till September

Winter- October till February:  (-)5 – 10 degree Celsius

Pro Tip

The major tourist attractions are the Pangong Lake and Spangmik Village It is the farthest village of Pangong area. From here, you can enjoy spectacular views of the Chang-Chenmo mountain ranges.