10 Things About PU That Give It a Wakhra Swag!

“PU de vich padhde aan, mauj mastiyaan karde aan,

saanu na koi kuj v kahe…

teri khater lad de aan, ishq pdhayian padh de aan,

jeda sadd da, sadd da rave…”

PU…ah! This mere word brings a 70mm smile on our faces. We come to this place at a mere age of 18 but we wish that it never ends. But, somethings are not in our hands. Leaving this place after LIVING here for 4-5 years makes us sad and nostalgic at the same time.

So, for all the PU ke PARINDO, here’s a list of things we will all miss about PU when we will pass out!

  • Stu-C

Short for Student’s Centre, this is the primary place for all the meetings, bunks, flash mobs, tea-breaks, and those awkward first dates. This place has seen it all. Plus, it has the cheapest and the tastiest food in all of chandigarh. Win win!


  • Election days

Every year with the start of new sessions, PU is seen studded with gazillion posters of SOPU, PUSU, SOI etc. We all know we get to see them in their swaggy cars once a year and then they vanish into thin air! Poof!


  • Gandhi Bhawan

This building is like the “Statue of Liberty of PU”. It is an architectural marvel of which we all are proud of.


  • “Bullet” rides

PU mei aakar agar Bullt ni chalaya toh kya khaak PU aaye” (If you haven’t roamed around PU on a “bullet”, then there’s no point of you being in PU). That’s the effect this epic bike has out here.


  • A. C. Joshi Library

This multi-storey library which houses thousands of books and journals is a bliss. Late night study sessions in the reading hall is the reason we cleared our final exams in one go!


  • Campus Fests

Each year PU hosts several fests be it JHANKAAR, CYANIDE, AAGAAZ or IGNITION. The level of enthusiasm and fun is immeasurable. We all will miss participating as well as organizing these fests inside our square cubicles.


  • Gediyan

Once this ends, no one is going to have time to take out their rides and just roam around the campus with loud music and that badass attitude.



  • Chakmi Mandeer

This term refers to all those pretty girls and handsome hunks found hanging out at Stu-C, all dressed to impress.



  • HOLI & LOHRI celebrations

Nothing, and I mean nothing in this whole wide world can be compared to the way PU celebrates these festivals. Be it the DJ & bonfire on Lohri or that never ending Holi. No one can do it better than the way we do!



  • Sector-15 market

This is our go-to place. This market serves all our demands from books (second-hand book market) to food cravings to fashion. You need only think and with appropriate skills you can find anything here.



So, all in all PU has been a lifeline and we will surely miss this place. But, after every ending there has to be a new beginning. Cheers to the new life ahead!

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