With NAAC Evaluation Around The Corner, Panjab University Emphasizes On Students’ Feedback

With NAAC revising its evaluation process to rank colleges and universities, Panjab University Chandigarh has decided to put greater emphasis on students’ feedback system. 

According to National Assessment and Accredition Council (NAAC) latest change, it will take direct feedback from the students in the educational institutions. The institutions will have to provide email IDs of students and NAAC will directly mail them Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS) questionnaire. The weightage assigned to this feedback is 20% in the ranking of the institution. 


 1. First, the educational institutions seeking NAAC grading will prepare a self-study report and upload it online for students response and feedback.

2. Then, NAAC will validate it with its Student Satisfaction Survey. 


NAAC in 2009 clearly stated that there must a mechanism to take students’ feedback on teachers and the institution overall. PU started with a students’ feedback system, Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), in 2015. But within an year it proved not even worthy of its name. Even the peer team of the NAAC visiting the university had observed that the  IQAC and students’ feedback system had not been implemented properly. 

Why IQAC failed to deliver?

When it started in 2015, the feedback form was to be filled in the presence of a particular teacher instead doing it online. The marks had to be given on a 5-point rating scale and only those students with more than 75% attendance could fill the form.

The teachers and professors are to be evaluated on the basis of:

♦ Punctuality

♦ Accessibility

♦ Completion of syllabus

♦ Everyday lectures

♦ Ability to inspire

♦ Communication in class

♦ Curricular

Since NAAC evaluation is approaching, PU does not want to loose 20% score which relies on students’ feedback. 


Source: Hindustan Times

Image Source: Google Images


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