Why 26 January was the Date Chosen for Republic Day?

Most of us have/had the tormenting  time of our life during those 45 minutes History classes in the school days and when finally we had the choice to choose our subjects, History becomes/became the first to be left deserted, shunned and happily and unregrettably forgotten.

Very few come to realise the beauty under the layers and layers of facts, dates and names. 

Today, 26 January, we all proudly celebrate Republic Day and we know it why because the constitution of India was enacted on this day in 1950. But, do you know way back in 26 November, 1949, the Constituent Assembly was ready with the Indian Constitution, then WHY it was not enforced at the earliest? Why 26 January, 1950?

(Don’t worry, it’s not going to be a boring History lesson for you)

republic day

The answer lies in the Congress Session held 20 years back in December 1930 in Lahore. It was the first time ‘Purna Swaraj‘ or ‘Complete Independence’ resolution was adopted and it was decided that 26 January would be India’s Independence Day henceforth.



And, do you wonder why 26 January was chosen?

Because it was Sunday!

Yes, that’s true. To spread the word across the country in those took time and Sunday, of course, was the convenient day for the people to gather and become part of it.

To commemorate this special day and make it immortal in the memory, the leaders of the day decided to wait for two months more to enact the Constitution of India.


History is amazing, isn’t it?