Washing Cars Banned in Mohali From April 15


Summers are just around the corner and after Chandigarh, Mohali is too preparing well to deal with water supply shortage in the city. So, MC Mohali has banned washing of vehicles from April 15 to June 30.

MC Mohali has issued following directives:

  • The residents of Mohali can water their lawns, flower pots in houses only after 5 pm.
  • Washing scooters, cars, courtyards, floorings and roads with pipes directly connected to taps or use pressure pumps directly installed on the pipeline has been banned for the entire day.

Repeated defaults will lead to water supply being disconnected to that house.

  • Defaulters will be fined Rs 1000 first time, then Rs 2,000 for second default.
  • Third time default will invite water supply disconnected to that house.
  • The connection will be restored only after the owner of the house will give an undertaking assuring no further water wastage. He or she will also be required to pay the requisite fee for re-connection.

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Source: Times of India

Image Credits: HT