Brothers Inspiring Story of Success While Studying Under Street Lights

We all have been inspired by stories of success against odds. Youngsters sailing through some of the toughest exams like IAS, PMT, IIT-JEE, that too fighting the difficulties that we often feel incapacitates a person, but with their sheer grit and perseverance they come out with flying colors.

Such an inspiring story is from a village in Mohali district. Two brothers, coming from a poor family, excelled in the Class V examinations of the Punjab School Education Board examinations. The brothers Sikandar (13) and Ravinder (12) used to study under street light outside their home.

While Sikandar stood first at the block level and second in Mohali district, Ravinder was ranked second at the block level.

The family migrated from Katihar district in Bihar. The father is a rickshaw-puller and the mother works in houses to earn a living.

In their story, a benevolent advocate played immense part. Tarsem Singh provides free tuition to children to economically weaker families through his Free Fragrance Tuition and tries to to create a desire in the students to work hard to earn a better living.

That’s what is called burning midnight’s lamp!

ChandigarhX congratulates the young boys and wish them more success in their lives ahead. Also we wish more people follows the inspiring course defined by Tarsem Singh.