Things That Give Chandigarh Boys Their Wakhra Swag

Seriously it confounds us all, what makes Chandigarh guys one of the kind. What makes them so charming? What makes them a rare breed? Why guys from other cities are awed by their aura and the gals around the world go weak in their knees?

Let’s dissect them and discover what is it that gives them their ‘wakhra swag’?  

Their fanaticism for automobiles 



Nothing less than the high-end SUVs and bikes interest them. And if Harley or Royal Enfield is out of bounds, they know how to turn theirs into one. Cars are their first love, literally. How they pamper it, deck it with the best of accessories, sound system, alloy wheels, can make their girl friends envy it. They can spend a fortune on it. And absolutely obsessive about amplifying its prowess! If you need an explicit proof, just look at their faces at the traffic lights when there is an unannounced race to prove the mettle.

Music-Dance-Party – All in their blood

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They are born with an ear to appreciate good music. From the rock to country music, from bollywood to punjabi music, everything appeals them. You would rarely a find a Chandigarh guy without a colossal collection of music tracks. And, what sizzling moves! They, in true terms, rule the dance floor. And, if its a punjabi track, none can ever beat them in their desi style. Always ready to party! Gather some buds, tandoori chicken, drinks, music and there’s a party. No need to head to Peddlers or Underdoggs every time.


They Do Everything In Style


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And not just the bollywood filmy style I’m talking here, it’s their ubercool style of doing everything. Always ready to experiment with their looks; from some rowdy hairstyles and clothing to the killing debonair looks, they rock in them all. Fashion icon I must say. And the best part is they are so natural in it. Sounds too much? Talk to the guys in places around Chandigarh!


Romantic at heart

No cheesy stuff they do; no whistling, passing comments. If they like any girl, approach her directly. And, what silken smooth way of talking! One thing is for sure about them, any girl may not ‘yes’ to them, but their pickup lines are never sleazy! They know how to pamper their girlfriends, make her feel special. BUT girls, do carry your money along on a date because it can anytime go 50-50. 

Zeal to make big in Life

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Ambitious, enthusiastic, zealous, passionate, fearless, ready to take an intiative, assertive – complete package to become successful in every venture they take up. Definitely going to despair for a while when fail, but get drunk as a skunk and stand right back on their feet. Strange, right? But, this is how their copying mechanism works.

Street-Smart Jugaadu


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No problem is big enough for them to call for help. They have a superhuman quality to deal with it. Innovative, ingenious, silly, yet productive. Still what matters in the end is RESOLUTION, that surely is achieved.



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Friends are their lifelines, Jai-Veeru types. They can say ‘no’ to their girlfriends, but to their friends, NEVER! 24×7 available, can even go beyond limits to help them out. It’s like their solemn oath to stay loyal to the pack till eternity.


Travel Travel Travel


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They just can’t stay indoors for long. It’s like their oxygen is available on the roads only. Weekends mean road trips to Himalayas, refreshment means bike ride from Manali to Leh, vacation means adventurous sports anywhere in the world. They live for the thrill. Sounds crazy, isn’t it? Infact, this is the cause for their passion and love for life. They know not how to crib. Never fail to enjoy their lives here. What else could be the reason that Chandigarh is such a happening place?   

“Tu Jaanta Nahin Main Kaun Hoon”


Attitude! Need I say anything on this?


Phewww… stuff these guys are made of!

You rock, guys! Ȳ

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