Know the Intricacies Of Recently Approved CHB Citizen Charter

Bringing much relief to the people of Chandigarh from red-tapism and upholding the signatured Chandigarh’s citizen-centric administration, the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) has finally approved the much-awaited citizen charter. The charter will be implemented on January 2. 

A time period has been set during which various works will be carried out. However, there is no penalty for not complying with the deadlines. Soon, penalty and grievance redressal mechanism will be set up.


 The details of Chandigarh Housing Board Citizen Charter:

    Service Provided     Maximum Time           Period    Service Description
Consensual Transfer Policy      21 days The consensual transfer policy, including transfer between blood relations, transfer to spouse etc, the allottee can transfer property by applying directly to CHB along with proposed purchaser or transferee.
No dues Certificate       21 days To take a no-dues certificate, the time to be taken would be 21 days from the date of receipt of complete documents.
Interest component Certificate      7 days


For the interest component certificate, the time to be taken would be seven days from the date of receipt of complete documents
No-objection      7 days Seven days time period is applicable if one needs to obtain the no-objection certificate for taking loan for mortgaging the property.

Duplicate copy


      28 days For a duplicate copy of allotment letter, possession slip, physical possession form, the time period would be 28 days.
Transfer of dwelling units     20 days For the transfer of dwelling units on the mutual request of the allottee, the time taken would be 20 days.
 Refund      14 days For the refund of earnest money or other deposits, the time taken would be 14 days from the date of receipt of complete documents.
General power of attorney transfer policy      21 days For the the processing would be done within 21  days.
Execution of conveyance deed       5 days For the execution of conveyance deed of freehold properties of CHB, the processing time would be five days from the receipt of application and completion of documents.


What is a Citizen Charter?

  • You may have seen the Dominos Pizza Ad: delivery in 30 minutes otherwise free. Citizen charter is a similar concept- applied to public organizations.
  • Basically a public organization will write on a paper “we provide this this and this services with this this and this time limit. If you don’t get the service within that time, contact xyz officer.”
  • Such written document is called citizens’ charter. You can see citizen charters in the websites of almost all union ministries, PSUs, and Public sector banks.

What are the components of the Citizen Charter?

  • Vision–mission statement
  • The list of services delivered. Names and contact numbers of officials responsible. Grievances redressal mechanism, in case service is not delivered.
  • List of responsibilities of the citizens in the context of the charter. (that you’re supposed to bring this this and this documents if you want to get xyz service in time.)


Citizen Charter is a affirmation by the Chandigarh Housing Board that people can avail the services in a time bound manner. 

Know your rights, Chandigarh!


Image credits: Google Images

Coverage: The Indian Express