They Are Coming for You! #Exams at PEC

The students at PEC were yet to recover from their trauma of Valentine’s Day that the mid-term examinations showed up their face. With the examinations just a few days ahead, the youth at PEC is getting ready to face the monster in their very own unique ways.

The different types of students preparing for examinations may be classified into the following categories:

  • The nerdy 


Oh come on…
As a matter of fact, they just don’t need to study anything at all. With their CGPA already well above the epitome of benchmarks, i.e., 9, they don’t have anything to lose. But still, they continue to mug up each and everything because, “yr CG kam hai. Every time they say this dialogue, they are at a risk of receiving a fine collection of “praises”(if you know what I mean).

  • The procrastinator 

ho jayega sb

These people know that they have to study and they know that they will study. But when? Even they themselves don’t know. They keep a constant eye on the number of days left for the first examination. The wakeup call may be received by them around 2 days prior to the commencement of the examination and that’s the time they’ll be seen making calls and arranging class notes from “the nerdy” students. A big boost can be noticed in the sales of the stationary shops during this exam period and this category of students is the main contributor to it.

  • The carefree 

sb moh maya hai

These people live by the principle “sab moh maya hai” and continue to enjoy their lives just as they’ve been enjoying since the beginning of the semester. A day prior to the exams, they may be seen “making arrangements” to get through the examinations. The text written on the “chits” that they make can be a mystery to even the best cryptographers. Only the person making them is able to decipher what’s hidden in there. The marks they get are always a mystery to “the nerdy” group who fail to understand the skills that have been used to get those marks.

  • The disciplined 

har cheez ka waqt hota hai

This is the category of people who have those “sticky notes” on their walls with their time-table written on them. They have a time slot everything; from studying, playing to even taking a bath. Time is fixed. Quite close to “the nerdy”, the thing that makes them unique is their ability to understand concepts and manage everything. They just don’t mug up everything. They understand and apply. The result they get is quite commendable and respectful.

  • The underdog 


aa gaye number

“Iske itne number kaha se aa gaye!!! ” is the usual statement made by the peers of the students belonging to this group. They may be seen partying, playing, dancing and enjoying all luxuries of life prior to examinations. The result that they manage seems arcane to the whole class and sometimes even to the person himself. Only God knows the truth behind their result.


So, to which category do you belong? 



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