The one hour struggle #Lectures@PEC

When we discuss college life with anyone, one aspect that we never forget to debate upon is the boredom in lecture halls. Only we know how we just barely manage to sit through that one hour that seems like eternity.

Let us discuss the various stages of a typical one hour lecture.

  • The “Mai sab kuch padhunga” stage

This is just the beginning of the lecture. The professor has just entered the lecture hall and while he sets up his laptop and stuff, you’re all ready to take down the notes. The aim is to listen to each and every word being delivered and write the most important things.

I'll study it all

Most of the learning occurs in this stage. The notes that we engineers have at the end of the semester mostly comprise of matter written down during this stage and random sketches (if any) from the subsequent stages.

  • The “Wait! Why is this happening to me?” stage

The first stage lasts for about 15 minutes (20 minutes in case the student had is way too motivated). After that, begins the journey downhill. The concentration level starts to take a dip. You start thinking about that last match you played, that crush of yours, those pending assignments, approaching deadlines, etc.  Amidst this current of thoughts your eyes start shutting down and all of a sudden, you hear a voice pierce through your ears and strike the bell in your brain. That’s the lecturer speaking.

trying to stay swake

This is the moment where you realize what you’ve been doing and start trying again to achieve that first stage discussed above.

  • The “So hi jaata hu” stage.

Now that you’ve realized that in this very lecture, it’s impossible for you to achieve that first stage, you just decide to let it go. You have already tried innumerable times to get a feel of whatever is going on in class, but have failed every time. So now, it’s time to just sleep. “Maybe sleeping now can cut down my sleeping time at night and then I can study this myself”, you think. It never actually happens. Anyway, you doze off and by the time you wake up, it’s the fourth stage.

so jata hu


  • The “Attendance dedo” stage

You wake up probably by the increased level of sound in the class or some of your pal shaking you up saying “uth ja, attendance hone wali hai”. Now you have to stay awake. Your body is still in a state of dizziness, but the only dialogue running in your mind that’s keeping you awake is, “attendance chahiye, already short ho rakhi hai”. During the last 10 minutes or so, the professor takes attendance and that’s the end of that one hour lecture.


Not all people pass this one hour this way. While some people may begin the lecture from the third stage itself, others may be found diligently studying and constantly maintaining the first stage throughout the lecture (those 9 pointer guys who mug up everything). Nowadays, playing a multi-player game like mini-militia is also assisting students in passing that one hour of verbal torture.

P.S. Also, not all lectures are boring. There are some lectures in which we don’t even realize when that one hour passed.

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