Short Film Brings Out The Bitter Reality of Chandigarh’s Gedi Route


Chandigarhians have been proud of their Gedi culture, their gedi route circling around famous colleges and eating joints in the city and evenings drive would mean a “fun” drive through this road and they’d feel “rejuvenated”. But, what seems like a sheer innocuous and friendly ‘fun’ on the surface, in fact has a despicable reality underneath. It’s a zone of stalking, eve-teasing and sexual harassment.

A short film going viral these days by YouTube Channel Hungry Shoes by Tapan Babbar exposes the true colors of the celebrated Gedi Route. The disturbing eve-teasing culture that has become just acceptable in the name of fun is simply UNACCEPTABLE. The video captures and conveys everything what Gedi Route has come to mean.

Source: YouTube