PU Students To Have Kiran Bedi As Their Professor

What more PU students could ask for than iron-lady of the country, Kiran Bedi, herself giving them lessons on leadership.

PU Chandigarh has started a new course Governance and Leadership course and for this the lieutenant governor of Puducherry has voluntarily opted to teach the course.

The course was formally launched on Friday during the Dr J C Anand memorial lecture.

At the lecture, she asked vice-chancellor professor Arun Kumar Grover to grant her an opportunity of being a faculty for the course. 
With her over four decades of experience in administration, she shared her insights. “I have understood the problem in the system which is leading to a weak leadership ultimately collapsing the entire system,” she said.  
She recommended that all government projects including ‘swachta abhiyan’ and corruption free country will not be successful till the officials leave the luxury of their offices and approach the public directly.
“As a faculty I will ask all students to stay in villages for a week to understand the problems rather than giving them any theoretical lecture,” she added.
Source: Times of India
Image Source: Google Images