Pre-Book Your Parking in Chandigarh With Officially Launched Arya Smart Parking App

Arya Smart Parking App

What’s better than an app telling you about an available parking space in the city even before you step out and you can actually book it for yourself?

The much awaited parking app- ARYA Smart Parking (developed by Mumbai-based company Arya Toll Infra Limited) is now available for both, the Android and iPhone users. The app was launched officially on December 5 by UT Administrator V P Singh Badnore.


How does the ARYA Smart Parking App work?

♦ There are as many as 60 parking lots have been shown in the mobile app. With markings of all parking lots in each sector, the app has the details about the number of parking slots vacant for two-wheelers and for four-wheelers.

♦ The app lets the users check whether a parking space is available in the parking lot.

♦ The user will enter his vehicle details — a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler, the time of arrival — and book space in advance.

♦ The app itself will direct the user to the parking space.

♦ A full parking lot is displayed in red.

♦ When the person visits to that parking lot, he will have to show the QR code to the parking attendant who would already know the status of his parking lot.

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Information about each parking lot will also be displayed on the LED screen installed at the parking lots.

♦ The payment will be made at the time of exit only.

Notifications about parking getting full: If the user had booked a parking space for particular time and had not reached there in stipulated time, repeated notifications will be sent to the applicant informing him that the same parking lot is getting occupied gradually and he will lose his booking space. The notifications would start after the lot is 80 per cent full.

Benefits of Arya Smart Parking App

Parking in Chandigarh is turning into a big menace. With the density of cars per parking lot increasing, the commuters have to struggle long to get their vehicle parked before they can head to their jobs. Most of the times, they have to search one parking lot after another for parking space and then walk back to their destination. With the help of the app, people will be able to see and select car parkings near their workplaces or a viable local alternative before they even leave for the venue. They could even pre-book and pay on the spot.

At present, the feature of online payment of parking fee has not been integrated into the mobile app.

Source: Indian Express