Non-Operational Escalators at Chandigarh Railway Station: Albatross Around its Neck?

With much fan-fare, escalators at Chandigarh Railway Station were installed in December 2014, but since then it has remained a white elephant for the railway authorities. Every other day there is a technical snag and the escalators remain inoperational for days and weeks. 

These have been installed for the footfall of 15,000 passengers, who travel in 32 trains from the station everyday.

Even now, the passengers at Chandigarh railway station use it at as an iron staircase only. It is of no convenience to  them. Passengers are seen climbing up and down the ‘staircase’ carrying their heavy luggage in their hands.  It is non-operational, with no maintenance, attention or care. And the layers of dirt on it is the evidence of the same. 

escalators chandigarh railway station


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