Your Whatsapp ‘Naka Report’ To Become Useless. Thanks to Mobile Nakas

mobile nakas chandigarh

For preventing delays and jams caused due to drunken driving drives, the UT traffic police are pondering over holding mobile nakas. The static ones caused snarl-ups which creates a ruckus while managing traffic.

More Advantages of Having Mobile Nakas

  • Mobile nakas will also save sober commuters from harassment
  • Not being stuck up in long queues
  • Helps cops to nab more violators

It is a new step taken by the UT police. The location of the nakas is changed within a short duration of time.

Earlier commuters felt harassed at the nakas, where they had to wait in long queues for the alcometer test. Barricades were put on the road to regulate the traffic. With the new mobile naka set up, there is bound to be some relief.

Year Challans Due To Drunken Driving
2016 5033
2017(Upto September) 1158


So what are your views on the set up of mobile nakas by the UT Police? Leave your comments in the box given below.

(News Source – The Tribune)

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