List of Distance Education Courses At Lovely Professional University

Lovely Professional University (LPU), a private university located in Jalandhar, is becoming one of the most preferred universities in the region for students who wish to have a strong knowledge and skill base to conquer the world. Not just in area, the LPU is one of the largest campuses in the country offering wide spectrum of courses well recognised by UGC, AICTE, COA and many other accreditation bodies.

There are various distance education courses at LPU. The detailed information of all the courses are given below:-

Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) 

This is the course for the aspirants who are interested in the library sciences and information. The research and modern education is involved in the course. The detailed  information regarding the same is given below-

Duration of the course

⋅ The minimum year required is one year.
⋅ The maximum duration required is 3 years.


For the autumn year
⋅ Library classification
⋅ Library classification-practice
⋅ Communication skills-i
⋅ Basic computer skills
⋅ Library information and society

For the spring year
⋅ Library cataloguing
⋅ Library cataloguing: practice
⋅ Management of libraries and information centers
⋅ Information sources and services
⋅ Information sources and services-practice

The fee details are as follows –

Programme Fee– Rs 7900 (annually) (This fee is payable during the time of admission, the rest of the fee payment timings will be scheduled in the notices by the university)
Examination Fee– Rs 1000 (annually)(This fee is also payable along with the programme fee)
Study Material Fee– Rs 1000 (annually) (It has to be paid at the receipt of study material)

Eligibility Criteria – The students who have graduated in any discipline or any other equivalent degree are eligible for this distance course from a recognized university.

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management

This program is the one which is for the students who want their future in Business Management. The details about the course are given below for your convenience.

Programme Duration
⋅ The Minimum Duration for the course is 1 Year.
⋅ The Maximum Duration for the course is 3 Years.

The eligibility also depends upon the instructions specified by the university. As of now, any student who is a graduate in any discipline from a recognized university is eligible for this course.

Fee Details
The per semester fee is listed below –
Programme Fee– Rs 10,400
Examination Fee – Rs 1000
Study Material Fee – Rs 1000

Career prospects
⋅ IT Services
⋅ Financial Services
⋅ Marketing & Sales
⋅ Retail
⋅ Hospitality & Tourism
⋅ Administration and HRM


Master of Arts (Hindi)

The aspirants who are looking forward their future in Hindi are the ones who look forward to this course. The detailed information regarding the course is given below –

Programme Duration
The minimum duration is 3 years.
The maximum duration is 5 years.

The students who are graduated in any discipline from the recognized university are the ones who are eligible for this course.

Fee Details
The annual fee is listed below –
Programme Fee– Rs 8900
Examination Fee – Rs 1000

Study Material Fee – Rs 1000

Career prospects and designations available under this course
⋅ Creative writer in media and theatre and television industry
⋅ Proof Reader
⋅ Blogger
⋅ Poet/ Lyricist
⋅ Teacher/ Lecturer
⋅ Anchors
⋅ Interpreter and Translator
⋅ Public Relation Officer
⋅ Journalist/ Reporter
⋅ Entrepreneurship

Further study options
⋅ Ph.D.
⋅ M.Phil

Master of Arts (Economics)

This course is for the ones who want their future in economics and research.

Programme Duration
⋅ The minimum duration is two years.
⋅ The maximum duration is five years.

It is the requirement for the aspirants to have completed their bachelor’s degree in any discipline from any recognized university.

Fee Details
The annual fee structure is listed below-
Program Fee- Rs.8900

Examination Fee –Rs.1000
Study Material Fee – Rs.1000

Career and Future prospects
⋅ Economic Analyst in banking, insurance, and other financial
⋅ Economic Advisor
⋅ Economist
⋅ Field Analyst
⋅ Indian Economic Services
⋅ Project Investigator
⋅ Statistical Investigator
⋅ Research Officer
⋅ Teacher/ Lecturer
⋅ Teaching opportunities in foreign countries

Master of Computer Applications

This course is for the aspirants who want their bright future in computer applications.

⋅ The minimum duration to complete is 3 years.
⋅ The maximum duration to complete is 6 years.

The aspirant must be a graduate in any discipline.

Fee Details
The fee structure as per semester system is given below –
Programme Fee – Rs 10,400
Examination Fee – Rs 1,000
Study Material Fee  – Rs 1000

Future Prospects
⋅ IT Sectors
⋅ Banking & Finance
⋅ Entertainment and Media
⋅ Health Services
⋅ Hospitality Services
⋅ Retail and Manufacturing

Career Prospects
⋅ Senior Programmer
⋅ Project Manager
⋅ Systems and Software engineer
⋅ Systems Manager
⋅ Database Programmer/Designer
⋅ Web Design Specialist

Don’t let distance be an excuse for you to limit your skills and knowledge. Brighten up your future with best quality education at LPU.