Looking to buy an Air Purifier? Use your Cooler instead

Smog in North India has hit the global news now. NASA has released shocking images of thick haze blanketing the region. Back home, Delhi has turned grey, Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh has seen the visibility nosediving. Every rising sun (only if you can spot that orange ball) newspapers are stuffed with reports of unabated stubble burning, air quality worsening and sarkari blame-game on!

People are complaining respiratory, eye and skin problems. Do you see situation bettering any sooner?

It’s better take control of things ourselves. AIR PURIFIERS!

Everyone is advocating having an air purifier installed in homes because this is the best solution to this choking pollution level.


Before you spend on air purifiers, what if we tell you that you ALREADY HAVE AN AIR PURIFIER AT YOUR OWN HOMES!


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Yes, they can solve the purpose of purifying air in much better way than the big brands claim.

First, let’s see how does an air purifier work: Air passes through multiple layers Of filters and traps contaminants of different Micron sizes and flows out the clean air. 

Now, what does an air cooler do?

Same thing. Takes in air, filter it and flows it out! The water in the air cooler serves dual purpose of cooling and cleaning the air.

Most of you must be wondering, ‘Coolers in winters. Do you want us to fall sick?

Hold this thought. When you’ll know air coolers’ benefits over air purifiers, you won’t mind switching it on for few hours before you step in your room. When you do step in, your room will have absolutely clean air.

Now, the benefits of air coolers.

  1. Contaminants removed: While air purifiers claim 99% of contaminants removed, air coolers do somewhere around 98% and the efficiency can be improved by having a good quality filter (khus).
  2. Volume of clean air flow: While the air purifiers flow out 250-350 m3 in an hour, air coolers are way better in clean air delivery performance. 2000-3000 m3 per hour!
  3. Humidifier: Air coolers fare much better as they make the dry winters bearable. It can add humidity to our rooms.

Still not convinced?

Let’s compare air coolers with the best selling air purifiers in market these days, Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier and MI Air Purifier 2.  


Contaminants removed 99% 99% 98%
Clean Air Flow Delivery (m3/hr) 270 m3/hr 310 m3/hr 25 ltr. cooler: 1740 m3/hr

40 ltr. cooler: 3900 m3/hr

Power Consumption 50 watts 30 watts 210 watts
Price range INR 8700 INR 9000 INR 5000-6000 approx


The only limitation of air coolers is there is no display meter for air quality on it. You can purchase it separately (atleast it makes more sense than buying something whose purpose is better fulfilled by something you already own). Check options here. 

Still, if you want to buy air purifier, Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier and  MI Air Purifier 2 are the best bet.

Check  Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier here

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and MI Air Purifier 2 here.

Choose wisely. After all it’s your’s and your family’s health at stake.


  1. I am also using it, one more advantage of using Air Cooler is that it increases humidity level in Air, dont feel dry skin in this winter season

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