It’s Our City Our Celebration with Chandigarh Urban Festival (CUF’18). Join In Tricity

Chandigarh Urban Festival 2018

It’s time for OUR CITY, OUR CELEBRATION. It’s time for Chandigarh Urban Festival 2018 (CUF’18).

The most fascinating thing about Chandigarh is that we all are witnesses to the history that the city beautiful is creating by unfolding and evolving in its own way and pace. Together with Mohali and Panchkula, Chandigarh is growing as one unit as Tricity, with it being at the centre. But, is the development sustainable? That’s the question CUF’18 is going to ponder over. With the smartest brains in architecture, urban planning, sociology, administration and government, CUF’18 will brainstorm on sustainable future for the Tricity as a whole.

But, Tricity residents are not a amiss in this festival. After all, it’s about our city, our present and our future collectively.

Sunday, the 25th March, Tricity lovers are going to display their love for their city in the most vibrant and vivacious way. A carnival of colors, lifestyle, interests, passions will tread proudly from Matka Chowk to Sector 1 and at the Sector 1, People’s Plaza, the sky will turn fiery gold with thousands of sky lanterns released in the evening. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Here’s the complete schedule of March 25, 2018 at CUF’18 celebration.

?Date of event: 25th March 2018
?Time: 0600 am
?Point of origin: Matka Chowk (on sector 9 side)
?Route- Matka chowk to Lake to open hand to Matka chowk. Distance 8 kms.
?Registration is free and participants will be given a T-shirt (First come first serve basis) and post ride refreshment. You all are most welcome on any cycle in any dress.
?Kindly register at the following link.


4.30 pm -6.00 pm


From Matka Chowk to Sector 1.

– Performers dressed up in vibrant costumes, masquerades, wigs and other props.

Citizens can participate in the carnival in group

a.Group size: 20 persons

b. Choose any theme to stand out of crowd

c. be as creative as you want and showcase your talent, voice your cause, carry banners, anything you want

d. Register yourself with Siddharth Gaur (7020968365) or Ar. Shilpa Das (9356066164)

Tourism Information Centre

5.00 – 6.15 pm


Refreshment Zone

-Food stalls, live music, festive decoration

-Live screen display of carnival parade and the concluding event

-Comedy centric performance

-Coordination stalls for synchronized sky lantern release at People’s Plaza

People’s Plaza at Capitol Complex, Sector 1


6.30 pm – 8.00 pm

Around 1000 sky lanterns release

– Cultural performance to celebrate cultural diversity of Chandigarh


Register here on citywoofer.

Tourism Information Centre


8.00 pm -9.30 pm

Food, refreshment, Live music, dance

-CTU buses will be arranged to transit the return trip of citizens back to Matka Chowk and few prominent spots in Chandigarh


Be a part of this celebration, it’s OUR CITY, OUR CELEBRATION.

ChandigarhX is proud to be associated as Online Media Partner of CUF’18.