Govt Schools, Community Centres Opened For Parking In Chandigarh For Diwali. Know the Places

Chandigarh is caught in Diwali fervour and Chandigarh administration is doing everything to make shoppers experience a pleasurable one. 

Though boasting dedicated parking lots in every market around the UT, during festive season the traffic turns into a menace. Keeping in view, Chandigarh administration has thrown open even government schools and community centres in sectors that cater to heavy rush in festive season.

♦ From Saturday (Oct 14), government schools in Sectors 15, 18, 19, 22, 20, 35, 35, 37, 40, 41, 45 and 47 will be thrown open for parking vehicles after 3 pm. The schools will be available for parking till October 21.

♦ All 42 community centres around the city will be open for parking from October 15 till Diwali. 

♦ No stalls in parking areas, corridors/verandahs of markets places will be allowed as per MC Chandigarh’s orders.

♦ Vehicles parked in no-parking areas would be either towed away or clamped. 

The Chandigarh police officials have also maintained that

♦ People residing nearby should prefer walking up to the markets in view of the anticipated rush due to the festive season.

♦ It is also advised that people should visit markets before or after peak hours to avoid rush on roads and also in the markets.

♦ People should also focus on car pooling whenever it’s possible.


Source: The Tribune, Times of India

Image Credits: HT