Friendship Day Celebrations| 10 Types Friends Everyone Has

Life’s crazy fun with buddies around. Everyone’s got a BFF, since Variety is the spice of Life, we do have an enormous bunch of friend. Why ignore those equally essential condiments without which your tadka has no flavor?

Let’s celebrate those friends too and give them the privileged attention they deserve.

Let him/her know why he/she is so special to you!

WORD OF CAUTION: It’s going to be one hell of a crazy read. Only those who can stand humour are invited to scroll down, others please enjoy your Daal Chawal. 


That Style-Guru Friend


That friend whom you sneekingly look upto for some fashion tips and envy the most because she/he has the gorgeous style. 


Selfie Crazy Friend: That Dhinchak Pooja Fan

Whose instagram and fb is filled with pictures from his/her gym, waking up, sleeping, running, eating, drinking, dancing, sad face, happy face, angry face… ufff… Don’t be surprised if one fine day you find his/her picture in toilet. ewwww… But hey, you take the tips of clicking the best selfie from him/her, pouts, writing hashtags, using filters.

Forever Party Animal Friend

The friend who you think is banished from his/her home and is always on roads. He/She is your guaranteed company when you feel like partying. Benefits of such a party animal: knows all the good places in and around the town and can easily get you in any concert, party, pub or restaurant. Afterall he/she is their ‘valued customer’.


 That Khabri Friend: She’s seeing him

What’s new in town, amongst friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, he/she has full information with complete details. Great source of GK, huh?  


Gaaliyon ki dictionary wala friend

That friend with whom you actually use ear-plugs for his/her non-stop galliyaan. No sentence is complete without three or four galliyaan placed even you wonder what strategic places. The best thing is you feel secure with him/her, afterall who can dare mess with such a person. 


The ‘Padhaku’ Friend

Your best friend in the class, assignments and your soul brother/sister during exams. Need I say more!


‘Hamesha Bhukkhad’ Friend

You get first hand reviews of any eating joint in the town and with full recommendations. Accompany him/her to that restaurant and get treated like a VVIP.



Mobile se chipka hua friend

What a multi-tasker!! Talks to you and simultaneously can chat over whatsapp. Appreciate the skill people. 


Sada hi Romantic at heart wala friend

You can just keep count on his/her crushes. You feel pathetic not because of his/her flirtatious nature, but wondering how the hell he/she manages to do it? You secretly observe him/her and learn some tips. Definitely your relationships counsellor!

Jai-veeru Jodi friend

Finally your bestie, your yaar, your bestie, your soul brother/sister, who knows you inside out and with whom people doubt your sexual inclination!


 I’m sure you’ve got all these friends. C’mon give them the your little attention today atleast.