For An Hour Road Accident Victim on Chandigarh Airport Road Cried For Help. Instead Got Clicked

The most barbaric, savage and cruel thing is leaving someone die in pain. And this unpardonable sin has been committed by the residents of tricity.

Yesterday morning, a 25-year-old girl became a victim of someone’s rash driving on the pride of Tricity, Chandigarh airport road, laid in pool of her blood for an hour but nobody cared to stop the car and help her. 

Amandeep Kaur was on way to her office in Mohali on her activa on Thursday morning. A rashly driven tipper truck hit her activa from rear. She cried for help for over 45 mins but nobody came forward to help on the busy airport road.

She breathed her last in Government Medical College and Hospital in Sector 32.

Before dying she revealed that some passerby stopped for a while, took her photos and left. 

An MBA from from Yamunanagar, Amandeep Kaur had just switched to Virmani Tele Services. She was engaged to get married to a banker on November. 

ChandigarhX pleads to all the readers that please please help the accident victims. Your first-aid or taking her/him to doctor, your one action can save a life. You could get another flight or could reach your destination ten minutes late, but the person towards whom you just turned a blind eye might have just a few minutes left. 

What kind of ghastly act it is that somebody’s stops over only to click pictures. What would you do with the pictures? Share it on Facebook, twitter and make it viral? Utterly disgusting! You draw sadistic pleasure from another’s pain and helplessness. This is the most beastly act that you can do. 

Supreme Court ruling on Helping Road Accidents Victims

We want to bring it to your notice that as per Supreme Court ruling the Good Samaritan helping the road accidents victims will be treated with respect. The police will not force you and once you have provided the information, no further questions will be asked. 


Source: HT

Image Credits: Google Images