Best Places In Chandigarh For The Most Sumptuous Momos

A steamed bun with different types of filling is popularly called momo which is thought to have a rustic origin. This South Asian dumpling has made a special place in the Indian menus over the years.

Talking about Chandigarh, who doesn’t like momos?

Veg, steamed, chicken, fried and the list never ends. Every time you see a roadside stall, it is impossible to move on without having at least one plate of this crazy street food.

There are some people including me who are just crazy for this little cute dumpling with a shape all royal and elegant. So I suggest you change the typical routine and reach out these roadside stalls who’ve definitely made a secret plan to make you fall in love with your favourite street food all over again.

So all you have to do is, read the article and head to these places for a spicy tasty food affair.

   1. Kathmandu Chinese Fast Food

The Patel market in sector 15 is famous for the ultimate fast food experience and the highlights are always noodles and momos. We always prefer eating momos roadside at cheap rates but what if we get a seating in the budget. This is exactly what’s offered here. They have steamed/fried, paneer/veg, chicken/ mutton all types of momos.

Address: Booth 223, sector 15-D Chandigarh


2. Rohit Chinese food

Famous for fried momos, this is another place with cheap rates and best quality at the same time. They never fail to disappoint you when it comes to certain dishes like noodles, momos and cheese chilly. They serve the best-fried momos. Also, the steamed veg momos are no less. We don’t prefer spending much when it comes to street food. So I guess this is the right place then to chit chat and satisfy the taste buds.

Address: Booth 352, Patel market, Sec-15, Chandigarh


3. Momos Wala

There are three stalls of momos in the open area of the Sector 27 market. All three are worth your taste and cost. They also serve delicious spring rolls. They literally bring the typical street food style in action. Standing beside the stall, gossiping with friends and having different types of momos one after the other is what we love and will cherish these memories forever after college.

Address: Sector 27 D, Chandigarh

Check here for exact directions


4. A1 Dumplings

A1 Dumpling is a cart located in Sector 35 near ‘Scene kya hai’. They offer whole-wheat dumplings with the best taste and reasonable prices. The dip is apt and the shape resembles little cute samosas but the taste is divine for sure.
So this seems taste along with health and that too in a budget which is very attractive being a student at-least. I recommend you to try this out and let us know how you liked it.

LOCATE A1 Dumplings here:


5. Sector 7 market

You can see several momos stalls near the Friends Hotel and Burger Uncle in Sector 7. We always prefer the one right in front of the Friend’s restaurant. Be it momos or spring rolls, you can’t resist falling for this little junk monster.

5. Shake Plaza, Panjab University

Amongst the many gastronomical wonders at Student Centre, PU, is MOMOs!

The creative spin they have given to the flavours, especially the salsa dip, just the right amount of spicy and tangy. When those steamy hot dumplings come served on cabbage leaf, I’m already drooling all over. 


And for those who look forward to a Royal Affair with Momos
Now let’s move towards extra flavours with some added costs because nothing comes free my dear! So if you wish to spend a little more, you’ll get a ride to a tasty affair satisfying your junk hunger.

Dumpling Hood

The best place for exotic beverages and fast food, they belong to the posh Sector 9 family offering a variety of healthy and spicy dumplings according to your taste and preferences. This place has now become one of the best joint for momos and promises to be your favourite, the next time you visit it.They have taken dumplings to another level with such a huge variety promising a healthy cum spicy taste and the sauces served along are just amazing .


Chandigarh: Booth 27, Sector 9 D &  Booth no. 321, Sector 32.

Panchkula: SCO 59, Sector 7;

Mohali: Booth 35, Phase 3B2, Phase 3,  Mohali

Miso Hungry

Their name as well logo is so damn unique. They have such a huge variety of flavours being offered with no compromise on the quality. The chilly chicken tandoori momos, veggie momos and steamed momos here are irresistible. The chilly chicken momos have ample of chicken stuffing inside and paneer momos are also fine. The experiments they have done with our beloved momos are tremendous and deserve and applaud. Even when the veg platter is not worth the cost and ‘Kala khata’ is also not that good but I guess the place does justice to the basic variety we are attracted.

Address: Booth 41, sector 34-C Chandigarh


This place probably needs no introduction as it has already created a special status among people for the extreme variety of burgers offered. Just visit this place, order fried momos with gravy and it will be the best thing ever happened to your taste buds. The BBQ Chicken Burger, peri-peri fries, sandwiches, they have covered it all in the most elegant manner.


Chandigarh: Booth 70, Sector 8 & SCO 467 & 468, Sector 35 C

Panchkula: DSS 310, Sector 9

Mohali: Shop 133, B2, SAS Nagar, Sector 60, Near, Phase 3, Mohali


Enjoy the little balls of joy!


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