Feel the Serenity of Japanese Garden in 360 degree

360° view coming right away!

Chandigarh has always boasted about its title of being ‘City Beautiful’, but a lesser celebrated thing about our city is its receptive and dynamic culture. Respect for diversity and cultures from wide and far have been an intrinsic part of our very ethos. That’s what Chandigarh makes an integrated society – a society that is an epitome of the world that everyone wants to live in. Peaceful, beautiful, harmonious and egalitarian. 

Constructed in two phases in Sector 31, the Japanese Garden is one serene place to be in. It is no less than a snapshot of Japanese culture here in our city itself. 

Enjoy the 360° view of the wonderful place.

⇒ Hold and drag and enjoy the 360° view or simply move your mobile phone. 


Image Credits: AuraVR


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