Did You Know | Govt Owned Apps, mParivahan & DigiLocker, Make Carrying Vehicle Documents Digitally Possible

Post enactment of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019, traffic rules and adherence to them have become a prime concern for every motorist. Gone are the days when these rules were taken for granted and dispensable. The hefty penalties provided in the amended act have not only instilled fear in motorists, but also have given rise to simmering unrest among them especially when offence is perceived petty and negligible.

What seems as petty offence like not carrying vehicle documents can only prove fatal incase any tragedy happens next (vehicle theft, accident, vehicle used in crime etc.).

Central Motor Vehicle Rules say that motorists are allowed to show transport-related documents in the electronic form.

Many of us may not be aware of the provision in in the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act that we are required to produce the documents and not handover them. Also, Central Motor Vehicle Rules state that motorists are allowed to show transport-related documents in the electronic form.

Government-owned Apps making documents handy

Anyone can easily store and present all important documents electronically. DigiLocker and mParivahan are government-owned apps for this purpose.

About mParivahan

mParivahan mobile app of the Road Transport and Highways Ministry has the facility to pull a citizen’s driving license, registration certificate or any other document in electronic form. Moreover, the Insurance Information Board (IIB) uploads data related to insurance of new vehicle or renewal of the same on a daily basis. This is reflected on the mParivahan app.

About DigiLocker

A Digital India initiative, DigiLocker is an online application. It can store digital copies of all the documents, including driver’s license. Thus, the use of physical documents is eliminated.

How It Works

A step-wise guide to create a DigiLocker account is as follows:

  • Download the free DigiLocker app on your Android or iOS smartphones.
  • Create an account using a valid mobile phone number. The application will send an one-time password (OTP). Following this, enter a username and password.
  • After successful creation of the account, provide your Aadhaar Number (issued by UIDAI) to avail additional services. This will automatically fill up all personal details.
  • Add your Driving License number. This will automatically fetch your information through MoRTH’s centralised database.
  • Thereafter, the app will allow you to save other vehicle documents. This includes Registration Certificate, Insurance and Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate.
  • The DL and RC will then be spot verified for authenticity by a digital signature on the documents.

Definitely, it is imperative that the traffic officers should not make such offences as an excuse to harass people.

Next time, you face the possibility of being issued challan, don’t forget to show your documents on these apps.

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