Chandigarh | Get Ready for a Date with Nature at Sukhna Lake’s Nagar Van


Soon, Chandigarh will boast a heavenly place in already beautiful environs around Sukhna Lake, Nagar Van.

Tended by 50 workers and two foresters, the newly carved Nagar Van is spread over 100 hectares in and around the lake reserve forest area and will be inaugurated this month. What sets it apart from other forest areas and gardens in Chandigarh is it’s literally in lap of unadulterated nature at the Shivalik foothills.

When you enter the huge green gate, what greets you here is not screeching noise of horns but melodies of birdsong and peacocks.


  • City forest has been established under Nagar Van Udyan Yojna, which is an urban forestry scheme of Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, New Delhi.
  • It aims at creating at least one city forest in each city having a municipal corporation for providing wholesome healthy living environment contributing to the growth of a smart, clean, green and healthy city.
  • It also aims to sensitise people towards the conservation of natural resources.

Highlights of the Nagar Van:

  • Extravagant variety of birds: Grey hornbill, peacocks, parrots, parakeets and junglefowl, butterflies, keep you company as walk around.
  • Colorful flora: Tall ornamental and fruit bearing trees are here. The colourful amaltas and muskat trees cohabit with mango and bamboo groves, tall eucalyptus and bushy curry leaf trees. There are also kikar, peepul, palm, and shehtoot trees.
  • Carved trees: Instead of removing the dead trees, they have been artistically carved. There is miniature furniture carved out of trees, and eye-catching art work on a big trunk.
  • Dirt track: Leading you to the forest, the dirt track is built in a such a way not to encroach or disturb the natural habitat of the wild-life habitating in the forest. On a good day early in the morning or at dusk, you might also spot barasingha (swamp deer), neelgai (blue bull), sambar deer, wild boar, jungle cat, and even hyena. But generally, these animals steer clear of humans.
  • An open air gym, Children’s park, Shallow water bodies, A meditation hut & visitors’ shed

“There are around 350 dead trees in this forest. We selected this area as we didn’t want to cut any trees to make a track. Over time, we will remove the dead wood and plant thrice the number of saplings,” said the director of environment Santosh Kumar, adding that this part of forest will turn lush green in three years.

Can’t wait already to spend a lovely day with family and friends at Nagar Van!


Source: Hindustan Times

Image Credits: Hindustan Times



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