Chandigarh Airport to Stay Closed for 3 Days in March & April

Chandigarh Airport is high on making itself to the World Class at the earliest. Adding more flights in its fleet, ensuring internet connectivity within the airport, best quality facilities for the passengers… Everything is being worked upon. To add to this, renovation at the runways is also being planned.

In the wake of it, for three days viz. March 19, 2017, April 2 & April 16, 2017, the airport will remain completely shut. No flight will land or take off from the airport for these three days.

Chandigarh airport is working on upgrading from CAT II Instrument Landing System to CAT III. It will smoothen the landing and take-off from the runways here, plus will keep the airport functional in foggy days.

Plan your trips accordingly!


Image Credits: Google Images

Source: The Tribune

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