Automated AQI Monitor Coming – Know How Polluted Chandigarh is, 24X7

air quality chandigarh

Finally, we will get to know how polluted Chandigarh is – that too round the clock. The Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee (CPCC) is installing three automatic air quality monitoring stations at Sectors 26, 50 and Panjab University.

Right now, five stations are collecting the data of the air quality. But the recording is done manually and on alternate days.

  • Sector – 17,
  • IMT Sector – 39,
  • Industrial Area,
  • PEC Varsity, Sector – 12,
  • Kaimbwala Village

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AQI Monitors Installed After Chandigarh Encounters Smog Problems

After the overwhelming presence of smog in the Tricity, the need was felt quite strongly. City residents will finally get to know the quality of air they are breathing in. Maybe this is the only way to keep check on the rising pollution levels.

Another reason for the installation was – After Diwali, the air quality was deteriorating day-by-day. It had been worsening since Diwali and was recorded at 375 µgm/m3 on Nov.8. This data was reached late and as a result all the subsequent actions involving the health advisory were delayed by a day.

Prolonged exposure to such a bad quality of air can cause respiratory illnesses.

Timely information will help in the precise evaluation of air quality at all times of the day.

(News Source – HT Chandigarh)