9 Ways in which Kapil Sharma’s Firangi Resonates His Love for Punjab & Chandigarh

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Kapil Sharma’s much awaited movie ‘Firangi’ is ready to hit cinema halls and we cannot help pouring admiration on this Punjabi munda who kept his roots deeply rooted and grows tall like an oak tree. From a struggling singer and stand-up comedian to become comedy king rubbing shoulders with the stalwarts in tinsel town, Kapil Sharma’s is an inspiring story of perseverance.

His love for Punjab, Amritsar is well-known. He, in literal terms, is the son of the soil. In his much loved The Kapil Sharma Show, there was no one episode with him not mentioning Punjab. Even the casting included his college buddies, Chandan Prabhakar, Rajiv Thakur and other Punjabi celebrities like Upasana Singh, Sugandha Mishra. Not to miss, Navjot Singh Sidhu, the laughter train, with whom the Punjabi essence kept flourishing.

Now, with Kapil wearing the producer’s hat and making a movie of his own, it was but obvious that the movie has Punjabi flavour to it. Let’s see how the Punjabiyat resonates in the movie:


Check out here how fascinating history is especially when it comes to life before your eyes.

Firangi is a period movie set in pre-independence 1920’s era. The heart of the plot is Punjab. The movie is shot in different locations in Punjab. The palace is in Kapurthala and Manga’s village was recreated in the outskirts of Patiala, close to Chandigarh, with the rustic Punjabi pind elements intact. Huts and walls built in mud, manji (cot), well, walls decorated in fresco and dusty pathways, it’s like you are time travelling to the Punjab of early 1900’s.


The unconditional love in Punjab’s love-stories has won hearts across seven seas.  The Firangi songs are deeply imbued in Punjab’s love. What is a love song if it doesn’t mention Mirza-Sahiba, Heer-Ranjha, Sassi Punnu, Laila-Majnu. Firangi’s Sahiba russ gayiya is a delight to listen to and especially the tappe form towards the end. The classical ektara, dhol, sarangi beats just steals your heart.

Vintage cars:

The imperial era’s vintage cars have been pride of Chandigarh. No administrative celebration is complete without flaunting these vintage beauties on beautiful Chandigarh roads. The same cars have been part and parcel of Firangi.

Punjabi pehrawa (dress) and mannersims:

Do you know Kapil Sharma’s mother and sister are in this movie too? His mother is in brown shawl in left pictue & his sister is in green suit in right picture

Be it in costumes, Kapil’s kurta-pyjama with shawl or turban on male cast or Ishita’s salwar-kameez, prandi and phulkari, the true punjabi dresses are portrayed on-screen. Not to miss Sargi’s dupatta on head.

The body language, the sports, the language, take any aspect, you will see a glimpse of Punjab in it.

Rustic Punjabi culture: 


From the recreation of village to people living there, Firangi has brought to life what Punjab of 1920’s would have looked like and it looks so convincingly true.

Daler Mehndi:

Can a Punjab be portrayed completely without Daler Mehndi’s powerful voice? And when we are talking about a moving song, more of a war-cry, his voice is all the more imperative.


Punjabi love-story:


How to miss the sweet love-story of Manga and Sargi? Amidst the contemporary instant coffee like love stories, Manga and Sargi’s slowly brewing love with eyes doing the talking is like a fresh breeze. How this love-story will unfold, everybody’s waiting for this.

The steering man, the Punjabi Director, Rajeiv Dhingra:


His Punjabi family drama, Love Punjab, won millions of hearts not just in Punjab but across the globe. It gave tough competition to bollywood bigwigs’ Airlift and Bajirao Mastani in international market. With the fervour of Bollywood debut and Punjabi heart, this man steered the movie and it seems like he’s done a pretty good job.

Movie Promotions in Chandigarh

Not to miss, Kapil’s pictures he shared on his twitter when he came to Chandigarh for Firangi promotions:

Punjabis, watch a simple punjabi guy setting another milestone in his career. We have loved him, now get ready to laugh, cry, love, fight and fall in love with him all over again in Firangi; hitting cinema halls on December 3.