8 Perks for Every Guy Having a Chandigarh Girl His BFF

“Prem, ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahin ho sakte.”

Where the heck that law came from? Having a gal your best buddy is the most wonderful thing that can happen to any guy and when she is from Chandigarh, it’s one wild party!

Know why?

She is your best relationship counsellor

You get an insight into the ever perplexing female mind. That’s biggie win if you are wooing someone or already have a girlfriend. Suddenly, girls’ mood swings, their tantrums, everything begin to become bearable atleast, if not make sense! She guides you through and even keeps you updated on gorgeous girls around.


You can be as gross and dirty as you want when she is around

And, she doesn’t judge you for what and who you are. Even better she joins you in all your madness. She is the coolest of all. 


She is your best partner-in-crime

Chandigarh girls are all for partying and when she is with her friends she knows no hesitations. 

Reasons Why Every Guy Must Have A Girl Best Friend


You sail through an exam

Smartest of all, handsdown! Scribbing notes, proxies and most of all, EXAMS, she is the one because of whom you crack them.  

Reasons Why Every Guy Must Have A Girl Best Friend


You have your own personal stylist

You cannot doubt her fashion sense. She is your critic and unapologetically, the worst one! You will be dragged by your collar to a salon and shopping and you don’t any option of complaining at all. Agree or not, she betters your fashion sense. 

Reasons Why Every Guy Must Have A Girl Best Friend


Your brave saviour against the world 

Yes, that’s true! From english to absolutely punjabi gaalan, she knows them all and can spurt out on anyone.  beep beep beep!  Length, breadth, gender, age, nothing matter to her when it comes to saving your skin.girl fighting for boys


Your best reality check

She is your best reality check; tells you on your face ‘stop being a jerk’, scolds you, punches you… but stays by your side. Always makes sure to bring the best out of you.  



Your Best Friend for Life



Cheers to your friendship!

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