7 Things That Chandigarh Needs to Look Into To Excel

Chandigarh has it all.

I know you still are not satisfied with what you have here. You still want more.

Here, I’m not going to discuss what we want here, but I’d like to agree with me whether these existing state of affairs are acceptable to you?

How does youth view Chandigarh as? What vision and expectations the youth has for Chandigarh? If you’re wondering that then this is just for you.

Here we have 7 reasons that impede Chandigarh to become a perfect city.
ISSUE 1: Quality Education


Yes, the city is an educational hub, is the quality of education match the aesthetic stature of the City Beautiful? I’m not saying that only if we have IIT’s and IIM’s here, only then we can have ace-class education. PU is no less than any other known Indian university and PEC and UBS share the similar repute, but we want more.

Chandigarh attracts students from around the region, (not to forget Panchkula and Mohali too) not just for university level education, but college too. Does Chandigarh has the resources to cater to them? 


Issue 2: Apathetic Attitude towards Migrants


Job creation and housing development do not match with the inflow of migrants from various states. The unbelievably high property rates is the grim reminder of the incapacity of Chandigarh to absorb the migrants. And as far as jobs are concerned, the city is still more of a sarkari naukari culture. IT culture has still not gained pace. 
ISSUE 3: Tourism 


To this day what was built 60 years back by Le Corbusiér is the tourist attractions. Have anyone been in Le Corbusiér Museum, Lalit Kala Academy, Government Museum and Art Gallery?  The places are no less than National Museum in their grandeur.

New are not created and the existing ones are not that well taken care of. 
ISSUE 4: Poor Intra Sector Connectivity

Also though the transportation in the city is quite good but there is no proper circulation of information as to which bus with depart from its stand at what time. That piece of information could facilitate the passengers to a great extent. Also there is lack of intra-state connectivity which makes it difficult for people to move across their sector.

ISSUE 5Lack of Shelter Homes

What about the homeless migrants who come to Chandigarh to seek some job? Atleast shelter homes should be there, also a recruitment centre from where these people can get to jobs without any hassle.
ISSUE 6: Cleanliness is a major concern

Yes, we do know that our city is indeed cleaner than the others, but then there are few places which are not clean and the parks are also not clean. Broken swings are not mended on time. Ditches are dug but are not filled and children can often fall into them.

Also go beyond the major routes, and you will find mess dumped all at one place. Have you ever seen the area near PGI?

ISSUE 7: Expensive Healthcare


Apart from PGI and the govt hospitals, getting affordable treatment in the city is nothing less than a dream. And to add to this, the gigantic number of patients these hospitals cater to, the facilities are not matching (though medical care is of course praiseworthy). But, when comes to private health care infrastructure, it practically robs the patient and family with its expensive bills.


Do share what do you think Chandigarh needs to look into to ensure quality living here!