7 Flights from Chandigarh to Delhi Cancelled for 3 days

There has been a major hit on the Chandigarh-Delhi flight operations due to the shut down of one of the runways at the Delhi International Airport. The runway which was shut for maintenance on Tuesday, will be restored on Friday.

Flight            Departure

Jet Airways   7:45 am

Indigo            8:00 am

Go Air            10:40 am

Air Vistara     12:15 am

Jet Airways    2:20 am


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However, out of the 12 flights on this route, seven flights have been cancelled for three days. The flights that have been cancelled are Air India’s flight that depart at 7:25 am and 12:50 pm, Spice jet’s 8:40 am, Jet Airway’s 9:40 am and 11 am, Air Vistara’s 3:20 pm and Indigo’s at 12:05 pm

The cancellation of these flights has spiked fares on this route. For example, the fare of Jet Airways’ 2:20 PM has surpassed Rs 5,800 where as the 8 am morning flight of Indigo Airways  is available for Rs 1,500 for the same day.

News source: HT Chandigarh