10 Types of People You Encounter During Exams

It’s that time of the year where people are giving up the party animal lifestyle and listening to their parents. It’s that time where students, sit down, and take out their books for the first time throughout the year. YES ! You guessed, it is ‘March’ where the boards exams and college exams take place. When sitting an exam, it’s easy to get a little bit distracted by your surroundings. Especially when you’re surrounded by other students…

Here are 10 students we come across during exams.

1. The over prepared who say they will fail

That moment will the the class topper feels nervous then we all got to worry about something. Just kidding. But don’t you hate it when they say they are gonna fail but land up on the 1st or 2nd position in class.

2. The cool and composed guy

That one friend of yours, who never looks like he/she gives a shit about the exams. Comes I’m just in the nick of time, sits, sips water and starts writing. I have always envied them and wanted to always know their secret.

3. The silent peeker


There always this person who looks up and zones out in people, and them suddenly realizes that is not normal and then looks nervously back in the paper.


4. That one friends who says ‘tu dekha de bhai’


Don’t we all have that one friends, who says they haven’t studied anything and they ask you to show them your paper but you are so scared that you get caught that you kept, saying, you will show him later and later never comes.
5. The one who asks for a spare pen
Always always always there will a person, who asks for a spare pen just in case, there ink runs out. You lend the pen out fully knowing you never gonna see it again. But you silently judge them for not having a pen.

6.The ones that keeps writing even when bell rings 


Like ‘Sir, 5 more minutes. And you’re like what the hell are you writing.
7. The all nighters


The late night rollers, they start studying when everyone else is sleeping. They are the night owls, who start the show only when there is pin drop silence. They are the kind of people, who are social and attend events when other study, their secret is they start only after midnight. And come to the exam sleep deprived.

8. The caffeine addict


The caffeine addiction, yes, Prone to rapid mood swings and erratic behaviour, the caffeine addict doesn’t need sleep – they’re far too jumpy and buzzed up for that anyway… Always found with an energy drink in hand.

9. The last minute crammer


These kind of people spend weeks reassuring themselves and others that they work better when the pressure is on. But the minute they walk into, the room, they are as pale as pale could be. They look so frantic that it scares you and you forget everything.

10. The one who asks for an extra sheet

These kinds of people are the worst. When you are struggling to fill up a sheet. They are already on their second round. You’re just like what are they writing. And then all your times goes in wondering what they are doing and you end up losing time in your paper.


All the best for the exams, peeps and I hope YOU AREN’T LIKE THIS WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR ANSWER SHEET.