You Must Not Eat That Newspaper Wrapped Food. Know Why?

No matter how much you love your favorite bhel from that roadside vendor, do you know that if it comes wrapped in newspaper it is slowly poisoning you?

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) in latest advisory has restricted the use of newspapers and packaging material saying that consumption of food wrapped in newspapers was “injurious to health, even if the food had been cooked hygienically. Indians are being slowly poisoned due to newspapers being widely used as food packaging material by small hotels, vendors and also in homes in lieu of absorbent paper.”

The food regulator said the chemicals in newspaper ink contain harmful colours, pigments, additives and preservatives. “Besides chemical contaminants, presence of pathogenic micro-organisms in used newspaper poses potential risk to human health. Older people, children and people with compromised vital organs and immune systems are at a greater risk of acquiring cancer-related health complications if they are exposed to food packed in such material,” said FSSAI in a press statement.

The FSSAI has stated that there is an urgent need to discourage the use of newspaper as food packaging material by creating awareness among businesses, especially unorganised food business operators, about the harmful effects. The regulator has instructed the commissioners of food safety across the country to initiate an awareness campaign to this effect.

Say NO to newspaper wrapped food and yes, educate the poor vendors to shift to eco-friendly disposable plates. 



Image Credits: Google images

Coverage: The Hindu