Union Health Ministry Issues SOP for Partial Re-opening of Schools

Keeping in view the current situation, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Tuesday issued a Standard Operating Procedure for partial reopening of schools for students of classes 9th – 12th to take guidance from their teachers on a voluntary basis, from September 21.

A student would require a written consent from his/her parents for going to school.

Safety measures

The institutes have to take safety measures like teachers, employees and students ensuring physical distancing of at least six feet, use of face covers, frequent hand-washing, following respiratory etiquette, self-monitoring of health & not spitting.

Besides this, the ministry suggested schools should utilise open spaces for student-teacher interaction.

Schools in containment zones not allowed

Only those schools which lie outside the containment zones will be allowed to open and students.

Teachers & employees living in containment zones won’t be permitted to attend the school.

The teaching and non-teaching employees, up to 50% of the strength, may be called to schools for online teaching or other work, according to the SOP.

Sanitization mandatory

Prior to opening, all work areas intended for teaching and frequently touched surfaces in the schools shall be sanitised with 1% sodium hypochlorite solution.

Online classes to continue

The Ministry said all schools with classes 11 to 12 would continue to ensure, permit and encourage online learning even as partial reopening happens.

Further, online classes would continue and students of these classes would have the option of attending classes virtual or physically on a voluntary basis.

Mess & canteen to remain shut

Mess and canteens inside the schools would remain closed as per the SOP.

Source: The Tribune

Image Credits: Google Images