Underpass Connecting Sectors 16 And 17 In Chandigarh Ready For Inauguration

Smart City’s first project- an underpass connecting the Rose Garden and Sector 17- is all set for inauguration in November. The 70 mt-long and 12 mt-wide underpass has been constructed at a cost of ₹9 crore. This is part of the rejuvenation plan of the plaza.

How will it help motorists?

In Chandigarh, Jan Marg is one of the busiest roads. The underpass will allow visitors to go straight to Rose Garden without crossing this.

As per reports published in The Indian Express, following number of vehicles ply on the Jan Marg daily:

  • 42,488 vehicles cross the Jan Marg daily from both directions of the road.
  • Approximately 21,244 vehicles ply during 10 hours of daytime in one direction.
  • These include 603 buses, 1,476 auto-rickshaws, 10,040 cars, 7,847 two-wheelers and 1,145 bicycles or rickshaws.
  • Only 133 pedestrians use this.

Tabletop Crossing At Sector 17 Side

Administration has started with the construction of a tabletop crossing towards the Sector 17 side. According to sources, it was likely to complete in a week.

What are the benefits of a tabletop crossing?

A UT official said the tabletop crossing was being constructed at the pavement level.

Its benefits are as follows:

  • Pedestrians

Without stepping down the pavement, pedestrians can cross the road.

  • Golf carts for visitors

The tabletop crossing will be used by golf carts as well. Visitors to Sector 17 can use them.

  • Speed breaker

This will also play the role of a speed breaker.

Smart city’s projects are becoming reality. Hope rest also follow suit soon.

News Source: The Tribune, The Indian Express

Image Source: Google Images