TED ED to TEDxSarabhaNagar, Reetika Madaan is Celebrating 10 years of TEDx in Dec 2020!

Now is your chance to watch the next generation of TEDx talks in Ludhiana at the 2020 TEDx SarabhaNagar event, the first ever standard event of the state which is taking over the City for two days on 5th-6th December organized by Reetika Madaan and Rohan Madaan. This year’s event brings the ‘Being One’ theme to Ludhiana which will cover topics including the environment, Future of teachers women empowerment, technology, mental health, Healthcare, education, Skillsets, etc.
Interestingly, TEDx SarabhaNagar will be brought to you by the team that organized TED-ED Student talks Ludhiana, a widely celebrated full day TED-ED Conferences with 4 great events , over 100 workshops to boost and has brought 27 TED student speakers on board.

Speakers :
Dr. Aniruddha Malpani- IVF Specialist, Founder- Malpani Ventures
Mr. Vipul Redey and Anmol Kumar- Head, School Enablement – Khan Academy
Mr Gaurav Marya- Chairman & Founder –Franchise India Private Limited
Mr.Bhavya Bishnoi- Founder, Bhajan Global Impact Foundation
Ms.Amaya Sahni – 11year old, Youngest TED ED Speaker from Ludhiana
Mr. Sreyamsa Bairiganjan – Senior Energy and finance Bank Expert, World Bank
Mr. Christoph von Toggenburg-CEO, World vision Switzerland
6th December 2020 – 11.30-1.00pm (Morning Session)
Mr. Srinivas Rao M – CEO , Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (G.A.M.E)
Jasraj Partal – 10 year old Social activist
Aditi Ohri – Business Leader of the Year – ETNow | Social Samosa – SuperWomen 2020
Sampark Sachdeva – LinkedIn Spotlight 2019
Rayansh Pahwa – 11 year old, Cheese and Travel Evangelist
Mr. Karanvir Singh – Chairman, Visionum Group, Switzerland
Ashley Whillans – Professor, Harvard Business School.

Event will witness over 16+ TEDx speakers with speakers joining in from Different parts of India. Ludhiana is proudly represented by three spectacular speakers Rayansh Pahwa, Amaya Sahni and Jasraj partal.

Curator of TEDxSarabhaNagar, Reetika Madaan and Rohan Madaan, said in a statement: “Ludhiana is a beautiful city filled with lots of amazing potentials. TEDxSarabhaNagar’s is a huge platform for youth engagement, enlightenment, and innovation. Our mission is to uncover, support and promote ideas worth spreading, inspired by TED and the city we love. We want to encourage dialogue, create inclusive spaces that celebrate diversity, spark debate and discussions.

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