Take The #BirdBathChallenge To Help Birds Stay Cool This Summer

What’s Amazing

At this time, all of us are taking extra care to protect ourselves from the sun. But do we go the extra mile for our furry and feathered friends too. Albeit birds can withdraw some moisture from the food, they need to drink water every day. As summer heat peaks in various parts of the country, techies in Kerala have initiated the #BirdBathChallenge to help birds find a source of water. Apart from drinking, the birds can use it to bathe in as well. Working in different IT companies in Kerala, this group is known as Progressive Techies. Employees of Info Park in Kochi and Techno Park in Thiruvananthapuram comprise of the majority of members in this group. The challenge was inaugurated on Wednesday at Info Park in Kochi.

What Is The Challenge?

Those accepting the #BirdBathChallenge, keep water for birds in containers around your home, workplace or public area. Click a picture with the bird bowls. Tag five other people to take up the challenge on social media.

Beat The Heat

The Progressive Techies decided to start such a campaign as some of them had already implemented the challenge successfully. Anish Panthalani, member of Progressive Techies, said, “Though this challenge is first of its kind, we have tested the feasibility and effect of the campaign. Some of us have experimented this at our homes and it proved to be successful. In the first few days, only one or two birds showed up. Now it has become a frequent practice among a variety of birds.”

Earlier, there were reports that pet animals had shown physical ailments due to rise in temperature in the state. There were advisories for farmers to protect animals from dehydration. This social media challenge will possibly hit a chord and help birds beat the heat.

No Plastic

As a first step, techies are keeping water in earthen pots under trees, on roof tops and walls. They are refraining from the use of plastic containers and tubs. “Apart from helping birds stay cool in this summer, we have also made it sure to use only clay or steel vessels,” said Anish.

So We’re Saying

With no water or respite from the scorching heat, these helpless creatures are left to fend for themselves. ChandigarhX applauds the group of techies for their unique initiative in the form of a fun challenge. This, hopefully is going to make more people aware of the situation.