Sukhna Lake is Scientifically DEAD, Observes Noted Environmentalist


Sukhna lake has always been our favorite place in the tricity for all moods, be it feeling like having good time with family and friends or just with nature, or for a refreshing time to rejuvenate oneself, nothing has beaten the solace of the place. But in a recently concluded TOI Environment Conference, 2018, a noted environmentalist and Stockholm Water Prize awardee Rajendra Singh made a statement which has left the experts and common man equally concerned and awe-struck. He said Sukhna Lake is dead for all practical purposes.

It was no sensational observation for the sake of it for Rajendra Singh did explain the symptoms which has led him to make such a grim diagnosis of Sukhna lake. He said that when the water-holding and water-regenerating capacity of a water body or lake is minimised, it is considered dead in scientific terms.

“Since, it is a man-made lake, the process of connecting it to the environment and restoring it to its former glory is very simple.”

Source: Times of India
Image Credits: Google Images