Smart Apps for a “Smarter Chandigarh”

We are the millennials. We have been the witnesses of the most advanced technological inventions and products. The most famous, the most used is our beloved “Mobile Phones”. We check it as soon as we wake up and it is the last thing we do at the end of the day.

These days we are so dependent on our phones and its numerous apps to make our lives easier and livable. We use them for Exercise, Food, Work and it just uncomplicates the system.

Chandigarh city has a number of useful apps for its people as well as the outsiders which make it at par with other metropolitan cities.


chd city app

Developed by : Innovantes IT Solutions LLP

Main Features: This is an all in one app guiding travelers to Chandigarh. It gives information about the city including famous hotels, eateries, places to visit as well as emergency contacts.

For Android, Download it here.

For iOS, Download it here.



Developed by: Department of Food & Supplies, U.T. Chandigarh

Main Features: It is the one touch window to all the information about Chandigarh. It includes a Citizen Handbook, a Tourism Guide, an Administration and Emergency directory, News & Events Section, Weather Update and a whole lot more about Chandigarh.

Download it here.


mobile RLA

Developed by: SPIC Mobile & Web Centre of Excellence.

Main Features: The application pertains to the office of Registering & Licensing Authority. It provides information regarding issuing of Driving License, Registration Certificates, Location of RLA Offices, Mock Driving Tests. Moreover, it is integrated with the above mentioned “Smart Chandigarh” app.

Download it here.


chd bus guide

Developed by: 89, Business Street

Main Features: The only app authorized by CTU Chandigarh, has all the information regarding 300+ Bus Stops and 80+ Routes Information all around tricity. The app also works offline. This is a must have app for all those who travel in local buses on a daily basis.

Download it here.


mall explorer m e 2

Developed by: Softbayes

Main Features: This unique explorer app is an all access pass to the city’s favorite mall – ELANTE. This app helps you locate all the stores by categories, brands, floors etc. With this you can never get lost. 

Download it here.



Developed by: Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Main Features: Chandigarh is among the 5 cities where petrol prices will vary daily. The app has been specially designed to inform the residents about the prices. The price list will be updated every midnight after the oil companies have informed the dealers about the revised prices.

For Android, Download it here.

For iOS, Download it here.


All the apps mentioned here has been used by us. They are extremely handy, user-friendly and purely based in Chandigarh.

Hope you enjoy them Chandigarhians!